Egypt Visa Requirements For Kenyan Passport Holders

Going to Egypt is a bucket-list activity especially because of one of the longest-standing world wonders: the Giza Pyramids. There is however more to the country apart from the ancient structures. Some places worth visiting include the capital city Cairo, Mt. Sinai a.k.a Mt. Moses, Dahab and the Red Sea. Egypt, however, is one of the countries that require Kenyan travellers to get a visa pre-visit. Below are some requirements for the same.

Valid Passport

You must have a passport valid for the next 6 months after your entry into Egypt. You can not apply for a visa in the absence of your passport.

Booked flights and Itinerary

The Egyptian government is wary of visitors, especially of the sub-Saharan countries. This is because of the increased number of individuals who choose to illegally prolong their stay in the country long after their visas expire. You will thus have to give proof of the intention to fly by providing information on booked or brought flight tickets and itinerary during the stay.

Reason for travel

If you have a specific reason as to why you want to travel to Egypt other than personal travel, you will do well to provide documents supporting the same. This can be an invitation letter from an institution, an admission letter for school etc. This increases the chances of getting a visa to Egypt.

Current passport photos

The Egyptian embassy has strict rules about visa passport photos. They must be current and with a white background. They usually ask for two but always carry extra just in case.

Proof of accommodation

In the event that you are not travelling with an organization or school, the Egyptian embassy will require proof of accommodation during your stay. This means you should have receipts for a booked hotel room or hostel.

Proof of funds

When travelling independently, the embassy will also require proof of funds during your stay. This is common in most embassies. Proof of funds gives you and the embassy assurance of your safety and well-being during your stay.

Travel Insurance

Another common visa requirement is travel insurance. This can be for the period you wish to stay in the country or for the whole year. Travel insurance mostly covers any damage or loss that you may incur during your visit to Egypt. It should also preferably cover potential medical costs.

Application form

The visa application form for an Egyptian Visa is usually given at the embassy itself. The application form helps gather your personal information that may otherwise not be found in the above-mentioned documents.


Egyptian visas for Kenyan citizens vary from $25 to $60 depending on the type of visa. A single entry visa is the cheapest and shortest as well. The embassy usually gives a 30-day single entry visa which attracts a fine once a 14 day grace period passes. You can, however, apply for a visa extension from the Muggama House in Cairo, which holds the immigration offices.

The Egyptian embassy is located in Kileleshwa Estate, Othaya Road. It opens Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m with exceptions of public holidays. For more information, you can send an enquiry to their email addresses:  or Phone: 020 3870360