Easy Businesses To Start In Kenya For Those Relocating

Kenya is sometimes more than a holiday destination for some people. They might start out as tourists but after a while, they realize that they truly enjoy the country so they choose to stay. If such a decision is random, you might end up needing to get a source of income aside from getting formal employment. This post is for people looking to relocate to Kenya who would not mind venturing into business. Here are some few enterprises and hustles that are easy to kick start and that can bring in a decent income.

Second-Hand Clothes

This area may seem flooded but somehow, the demand for clothes seems to be unending. The trick is to find an area with unmet demand. For example, smaller towns like Kitale, Kabarnet or Gilgil might be potential areas for starting second-hand clothes. The other trick is to bring clothes that are uncommon to bridge the gap, or very popular to meet excess demand. Getting your stock will depend on your preferences. You can choose to get unopened bales or buy clothes on ‘camera’ from people who open bales. The advantage of the latter option is that you get to choose and inspect all the clothing items before purchase; an advantage that bale buying does not offer.

Printing and Photocopy Shop

The printing business is often overlooked because the return comes in very small amounts i.e. whereas you can sell clothes from as low as 200 shillings, you will do a photocopy for only 2 shillings. However, with the right amount of demand, getting profits in a day from printing is very possible. You can choose to offer cyber services and sell printing-related items such as envelopes, printing papers, foolscaps and pens as complementary revenue sources. All you need is space, a business permit and printing equipment. All of which can cost an average of 70,000 Kenyan Shillings.

Digital Taxi

The Digital Taxi business has taken root in Kenya in a great way. Previously, Nairobi was the only city with the demand for this kind of services. However, with the growth of the country’s economy, towns like Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu are good places to invest in such a business. You can choose to buy a car and register it, or simply work as a driver for someone else. However, the former option is better as you get to keep all the proceeds of the business. It just requires more capital.

Online Jobs

Another easy and cheap business to do while staying in Kenya is the online business market. Whether you are writing, transcribing, you tubing or offering language lessons, online work is a good way to earn some extra cash as you settle in Kenya. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection. In such a case, you can always look for co-working spaces to spend your days.