Dipping With The Dolphins? Here Are Some Tips

Dolphins have fascinated us through ages. Some are captured and put in captivity for man to have a better understanding of this brilliant sea creatures and make money out of it but as more people understand that these animals should not be kept in captivity, many have since been released and people choose to admire them in their natural home in the oceans.

Many stories have come down to us from many years ago of friendly interactions between dolphins and humans, like dolphins saving drowning people or stranded sailors or leading fishermen where fish are plenty. These tales fascinate us and make us want to have our own encounters with these magnificent mammals of the sea. You can go for dolphin watching or swim with them in Kenya at Watamu. Here are some of the tips to consider when you go for dipping with the dolphins.

1. Get a Tour Guide

You cant go for dolphin watching or swimming with them alone. You need to be accompanied by a guide because they will help you understand the environment and direct you to the best area to view them. A guide will also help you learn a lot about the dolphins hence as much as the trip needs to be sensational, it needs to be educational too.

2. Don’t Touch The Dolphins

For your safety and them dolphins’ safety, it is advisable not to touch them. If the dolphins want physical contact with you, they will initiate it, and that’s when you will take the golden opportunity to touch them.

3. Do Not Feed The Dolphins

Later into 2017 on a dolphin watching trip in Watamu, our guide told us not to feed dolphins. Curious, I asked him why we shouldn’t, he told me that “Dolphins are hunters, not beggars – but when people offer them food, dolphins, like most animals, take the easy way out.” He further said that feeding them interferes with their natural feeding habits. Dolphins which are in captivity can be fed.

4. Take Only Your Swimsuit When Going To Swim With Dolphins

Don’t carry anything else apart from your swimsuit when going to swim with dolphins. Don’t apply anything like a sunscreen, oils, perfumes or lotions since you will affect their sensitive skin.  You should also leave all electronics like waterproof cameras and smartwatches or even phones on dry land.

5. Listen to Your Guide

If the guide says that you take pictures with you flash off, do as he/she says. He may tell you to be quiet so as not to distract the dolphins or to turn off all sonar finders or not to go into the water. You better follow those instructions because he has experience and knows exactly why he told you to do that.