Crucial Tips To Help You Pack When Flying With Small Safari Planes In Kenya

You might want to travel to remote parks or areas while visiting Kenya and if you are not that a road trip person, then travelling by air will be the only option you have. Travelling to such places requires lightweight planes.

These planes have limited storage space because technically they are small so you need to pack accordingly when travelling by air is the option. If you don’t adhere to the baggage policy for the plane, then you will be forced to repack. Here are some important tips to help pack when flying with small safari planes in Kenya

  • Small and light lightweight aircraft in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda require your baggage to weigh 33lbs or 15 kgs maximum, strictly adhere to that.
  • If you have heavy photographic equipment, you should book an extra freight seat on the plane. This means that you will have a baggage allowance of up to 70kgs or 154 lbs for two seats but you need to organize with your safari consultant.
  • Bring bags with small wheels or none to minimize on space.
  • Shop for duffel bags. They are the best when packing for lightweight plane travel as they are very light and carry more.
  • Choose duffel bags in bright and easily identifiable colours so that it’s easier to identify your bags from a stack of other passenger bags
  • Don’t carry basic toiletries. They will add unnecessary weight on your baggage and furthermore most of these necessary supplies such as shower gel, shampoo, and moisturizers are usually provided by the safari camps and lodges.
  • The total weight allowance for your baggage includes the carry-on bags. There is no under-seat storage which means that you will carry your carry-on bag on your lap. If you don’t need anything on the carry-on bag, it is advisable to pack it with other bags below.
  • Don’t carry a lot of clothes as the safari camp and lodges you will visit offer laundry services hence you won’t have to worry about having a few dirty clothes. Instead, use that space for many clothes to carry something else.
  • If you have to carry something and your baggage has reached the weight limit, then organize for it to be packed and follow you in a separate plane, but you will have to pay extra for that.