Crucial Tips For First-time Concertgoers In Kenya

Concerts are great experiences where one gets to meet or rather watch their favourite artiste perform live. If it is your first time going for a concert, it can be bewildering because of the large crowd, anxiety for your favourite act and the many things that happen during concerts that you are not used to.

Some of the most recent concerts like for Etana and Konshens were packed to the brim and that alone might be the ingredient for a bad experience for first-time concert goers because a lot happens.

Here are crucial tips if you are a first-time concert-goer in Kenya that will help you have the best experience at the concert.

1. If You won’t Need Your Phone, Don’t Carry It

You know large crowds, darkness and gadgets, don’t you? Your phone is usually at a 90% risk of being stolen while at a packed concert. Furthermore, you are going to have fun and not be on your phone so it is not worth the risk of carrying it because you will probably lose it.

2. Don’t Come Too Early

Concerts max out during the wee hours of the night because that is when the main acts usually perform. So unless your favourite act is performing early, there is no need whatsoever to be among the first group to arrive for the concert. You will be exhausted even before the concert is halfway.

3. Don’t Lose Your ‘Squad’

Of course, you don’t go to concerts alone like a psycho. Usually, you pick your squad and go with them to make it even more enjoyable. Don’t split up with them by all means because a lot happens during concerts and they will be the only people who can help or the other way round.

4. If You Drink, Just Leave Your Car at Home

This doesn’t necessarily mean only drinking, there are many drugs once taken obviously don’t require one to drive. You don’t want to have a good time with your friends and going home all drunk after the concert and then the next day you wake up from a hospital bed, or worse even some of the people you went with dead.

5. Closed Shoes Are a Lifesaver

Concerts are usually crowded as I have said many times above or as we all know. Many Kenyans concerts are not the Andrea Bocelli or Andre Rieu type of concerts where attendees get to sit and watch as they perform, Kenyan concerts are about standing, closely together in that case especially near the stage as being jump and dance to the beat. Your feet will need the protection from being stepped on which you cant avoid.

6. Don’t Miss The Headliner’s Performance

The concert might get boring but why did you pay if you can’t wait to see the concert’s headliner perform. He/she might turn everything around so wait for the headliner’s performance.

7. Stay Hydrated

You are not going to a concert to just sit, you will dance, sing along, drink and do many things and you will realize how bad you will need water, which you might no easily get during such times if you never carried your own water or bought before the concert.

8. Dress Comfortably

Concerts usually happen at night and it usually gets very cold. So you don’t want to dress in clothes that will have you shaking like a leaf at 3:00 AM. Dress comfortably and have a good time.