Chebloch Gorge: Elgeyo Marakwet’s Hidden Treasure

Elgeyo Marakwet boasts of rolling hills, a mixture of hot dessert climate and green tea fields. Depending on the side of the County you are, you will either be enjoying a nice afternoon walk with a cool breeze on your neck, or you will be hiding under a shade from the unforgiving sun. If you happen to be in Nakuru, Baringo or the environs therein, be sure to check out the Chebloch Gorge. Here is why:


The Chebloch Gorge is 39 kilometres from Iten off the C51 highway. You can easily get there by road, but you will have to walk from the road to get to this exact location.

The gorge

The Chebloch gorge is believed to be hundreds of years old, formed from volcanic and tectonic activities. It is both in Kerio and Rift Valley making it quite a geographically significant spot. The gorge is about 10 meters in width and 20 meters from the cliff to the surface of the water. Its actual depth below water is unknown. The Kerio River flows though this gorge and in rainy seasons, continues to dig and carve its path into the rocks. This is one of the reasons why the depth of the gorge is unknown.

Chebloch as a tourist attraction

Apart from the fascinating site this gorge and river offer, especially for rock lovers, the gorge has more to offer. At the pre-colonial bridge crossing the gorge and around the cliffs of the rocks stand young men that are the reason why this is a great place to visit. The young men have made this gorge into their livelihood by offering gymnastic diving acts from over 20 meters above water. The scary part being, these waters are crocodile-infested. For just 500/= ($5), the boys take life-threatening plunges into the waters and come out in the shallow waters. These jumps are not only frightening, they are thrilling and entertaining.

What else to do

Once you have had enough of the heart beat skips, you can get to meet the locals who are very friendly to guests. You will get to learn more about this area, their ways of life and even make friends. You will also have a variety of items to purchase at friendly prices including fish fresh from the Kerio River and amazingly sweet mangos from Baringo.

The Chebloch Gorge is an amazing day trip from close towns or a stopover point when passing through. It is also free of charge, apart from paying for the diving acts which can be shared among groups.