Best Taxi Options For You When In Nakuru Town

Transportation can be hectic when you come to Kenya especially when you are not sure about where you are going. Public transportation can be tricky because most times they will leave you by the road, which might not be the exact point you want to be. This is why taxis are preferred by many individuals who are either unfamiliar with a place or prefer to skip the hustle and chaos of public transport. Below are 4 taxi options which are available to you once you are in Nakuru Town.

Bikes and Bodabodas

There are bicycles and motorbikes, which act as taxis for individuals. People choose between the two depending on the distance of their destination and the levels of hurry they might have. Bicycles are ideally best for short distance while motorbikes will take you to further places and faster. Automatically motorbikes are a bit more expensive than bicycles mostly because of their speed and comfort.


Tuktuks are similar to Indian Rickshaws or Nigerian Kekes. They are tricycle taxis, which have a hood over the vehicle, therefore, offering protection against the hot Kenyan sun or its fierce adversary, rain. By this standard, Tuktuks are a bit more expensive than Bodabodas and bikes. Apart from protection from weather elements, Tuktuks are also more spacious and comfortable. However, if you are using a rough road, you might have to endure being tossed around, as the vehicle does not have much impact absorption.

Digital Cabs

Technology has led to the spur of many digital cabs all around Kenya. Nairobi is perhaps the hub of said taxis. Nakuru, however, is a smaller and calmer town with less digital cabs. In fact, famous options such as Uber and Taxify are non-existent in Nakuru. But do not fret because there are local digital cabs unique to Nakuru. You will have to download their apps from the Google Play Store just like the rest so as to enjoy their services. Examples of these taxis are Wasili Cabs, Safiri Cabs, Bomba Cabs, Flexxy Cabs and Mtaani Cabs.

Old Fashioned Taxis

Before the emergence of bodabodas or tuktuks or even digital cabs, there were old fashioned cabs which were easily available from most parts of the town. These taxis usually have a yellow tab on the roof of the car, with the word TAXI blinking on and off. Kenyan Taxis are not yellow in colour as those of most countries are. However, they have the yellow tab that is visible from a distance. Nakuru taxis will not be hailed as seen in other countries. Instead, they will have a specific parking place where you can get them. Good examples of where to get old fashion taxis in Nakuru are outside Tuskys, Choppies, Nakumatt and Gilanis Supermarkets.