Best Stargazing Spots in Kenya

When you are in big towns and cities in Kenya, you might never be able to see just how beautiful the night sky is. Aside from the moon and a few stars we get to see every day, the night sky is flooded with billions of stars and galaxies. You just have to be at the right spot to see them. Here are a few suggested Kenyan locations to view and even photograph a heavily starred sky.

Northern Kenya

Northern Kenya is one of the most unexplored parts of Kenya. This can be due to several reasons including its arid climate, and the occasional security threats that arise in the region. But that aside, Northern Kenya, including Turkana, Marsabit, Isiolo and Garissa have among the best stargazing spots in Kenya. The sky above Lake Turkana, for example, is to die for.

Southern Rift Valley

Directly opposite Northern Kenya lies the south of Rift Valley. This region bordering Tanzania is known to be a hub of wildlife, untouched vegetation and low population counts. Thanks to that, the night skies above the Mara and Amboseli parks is nothing short of heavenly. Amazingly, one is able to see the Milky Way galaxy from Amboseli national park camping grounds.


Odd as it seems, Limuru Highlands offers you the chance to see shooting stars at night. Most Kenyans have never seen shooting stars. In fact, the majority do not know that shooting stars can be seen in Kenya. So if you do find your way to this tea-growing region, take a blanket, find a nice spot, and watch out for shooting stars. You might be lucky enough to find one that grants you a wish.

Western Kenya

The up countries in Western Kenya are full of fireflies and glowing stars. This can be because some regions of Western Kenya still prefers traditional lighting over electricity. Therefore, the night sky shines bright and uninterrupted, allowing you to see as many stars than you would ever see in the city.

Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. The surrounding region is thus elevated above most of the Kenyan locations. What could be more beautiful than viewing the night sky several meters above everyone else? And the stars look even better from the mountain itself, as many hikers would attest.