Best Snack Choices When Travelling

If you are going for a long trip, and you are not flying, chances are, food is not being provided. Therefore carrying snacks is almost a necessity. You should be very careful about the snacks you choose to bring to avoid getting stomach upsets and cases of nausea, or worse still, fruit rot. Below are some snack suggestions that are bound to make your journey tasty and filling.


Nuts are a great source of protein. They are also good snacks for vegetarians and people in diets. Not only are they small and compact, but they are also hard in spoiling. Their hard exteriors make them easy to store because they will not crush to crumbs. They also go well with many drinks leaving you filling energized.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit are great snacks because they won’t spoil and they can be eaten in bits. Fresh fruit requires you to eat it whole otherwise, the remaining open parts will turn bad. Dried fruit on the other and can be eaten in bits and kept till the next time you are hungry. The advantage being they give the same nutrition that fresh fruits offer apart from the moisture.

Energy bars

Energy bars are great travelling snacks since they were first invented. Their best attribute is that they give you the energy that will allow you to keep active even if you have not had a proper meal. Buy smaller energy bars so that you can finish eating them each time you open one.


Like nuts, the dry nature of pretzels makes them an easy snack choice when travelling. They are not only tasty but also a good way to keep your mouth busy. The disadvantage of pretzels is that they will make you thirsty thus causing you to take a lot of water.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are a preferred mode of hydration during travel because they kill your body’s thirst while reducing the bathroom breaks. Energy drinks also give you the energy to stay alert and awake during your trip if you so desire.

Avoid fresh foods like cooked snacks and other oily snacks because they are bound to give you nausea.