Best Sites For Comparing Hotel Prices In Kenya

When travelling, one usually goes for the best deals but the cheap ones. When travelling, 80% of people who wish to book for hotels usually look for the cheapest deals available for booking. The other 15% book expensive hotels because they want comfort and luxury while the remaining 5% don’t mind if the hotel they are going to book is cheap or expensive, so they are likely not to compare hotel prices but just jump online to book.

There are many booking websites which offer a list of hotels available for booking and their prices but in this case, they act as middlemen to the hotels hence you won’t get the best prices or get to compare prices with other hotels. Here are the best sites for comparing hotel prices in Kenya.


Trivago’s hotel search allows users to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks from more than 400 booking sites for 1.8 million+ hotels in over 190 countries. With 1.4 billion visits annually to this site, travellers regularly use the hotel comparison to compare deals in the same city.


Hotels Motor searches from major booking sites to individual hotel websites so that you can easily compare the best deals on hotels in Kenya and the entire world. You also get guest reviews posted online for the hotel you want to book after comparing prices so that you can get to know customers comment about it.

3. is a convenient search tool for comparing hundreds of hotels all around the world and giving you the best and cheapest hotels. They scan prices in all global booking systems and provide the information in a clear and user-friendly manner. Upon comparing prices and finding your fine variant, you can then book it with any method you prefer.


Hotels Combines helps you to compare all the hotels in top travel sites in one simple search and find just what you’re after. You also get to compare the best hotel deals in a second. You can sign up with Hotels Combined to get the best hotel deals straight to your inbox.


Etrip finds the best hotel deals from all major travel websites with one quick search. They compare offers from different hotel and travel sites in order to help you find the best hotel deals worldwide in every search and are focused on bringing their visitors hotel price transparency, comparing hundreds of different travel sites and presenting their offers in an easy to use interface.


With, you get to compare hotels worldwide for the best rates, reviews from over 100 travel sites and the best part is that you also get to compare almost all airlines.


One thing I like with is the side by side comparison in an absolutely user-friendly interface which is just flawless. You can then link with the many booking sites available to book your fine variant. You can also compare flight and even cruise prices here.


Farecompare helps you search thousands of hotels and compare prices against all the top travel sites so you can find the best deal.  Whether you are on the lookout for a high-end, luxury hotel reservation, or you want to stay on the cheap with budget accommodations, or maybe something in between. Whatever you’re looking for, FareCompare’s search technology makes it simple to compare hundreds of hotels from all the big search sites as well as prices from the hotels directly. So you know you’re getting the best deal possible. You can also compare flight and car fares.


Momondo searches all corners of the internet from major booking sites to individual hotel websites so you can easily compare the best deals on hotels worldwide. They also have guest reviews on their site which are very fundamental before one can book.10. is a hotel price comparison website which simultaneously searches all the main hotel reservation sites finding you the best hotel rates in one quick search. They search for all the leading industry players and even hostel sites for cheaper alternatives.