Best Restaurants In Nakuru

Restaurants are great places to meet u with old friends, go for a date, hold a casual business meeting and just hang out on the weekend. As such, the restaurant industry keeps growing even when there is a general economic strain. In Nakuru, the restaurant business is robust and every year a new joint always comes up. With such a stiff competition, we compiled a list of what we think to be the four best restaurants in Nakuru.


The Java House brand has been in the restaurant game for decades, spreading its branches to as far as Rwanda. Even with stiff competition, the Java brand has been able to set itself apart and still remain relevant. In Nakuru, there are two Java restaurants. One at West Side Mall and the other at the centre of the CBD, at the C.K Patel building. The most loved bit about Java House is its consistency in making good food, in-house beverages and pastries. The taste in Java foods is specific to them even when you visit a branch out of town. Their customer service is also on point and the ambience in both spots is cool and relaxed. It is a perfect place for anyone that enjoys taking time eating. Their free Wi-Fi makes them all the more enticing.

Ipiz Restaurant

When you mention Ipiz to a Nakuru local, chances are, it is among their favourite places to grab lunch. What makes Ipiz stand out so much is their expertise in making local foods. The Pilau and Chicken Stew at this place it worth every coin. Although it is an indoor restaurant, Ipiz still is worth the visit. The only downside is that the place is almost always fully packed, attesting to just how much of a favourite it is. Maybe getting extra space would be a great idea. And yes, their prices are very affordable and worth the quality of food they serve.

Culture Mambo

Culture Mambo is fairly new to the scene compared to the first two restaurants. However, that has not slowed it down at becoming an all-time favourite, especially for couples. Culture Mambo has a one of a kind setting with an outdoor eating space that comes to life at night. The string lights make the decorating aspects come together perfectly. There is good music throughout the day, helpful staff and enough space for solo and group guests. If you plan to visit Culture Mambo at night, make sure to carry a jacket or sweater, as it can get quite chilly.

KFC Restaurant

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well-known worldwide brand but it only came to Nakuru in 2018. However, since then, the restaurant serves thousands of visitors each day. With their delicious and unique way of making chicken, this is no surprise. KFC Nakuru is located within West Side Mall compound. It has an indoor and outdoor eating space and is a good spot for casual meals. It is also very kid-friendly with meals that are tailored to cater for them. Their ice cream is also a must-try.