Best Restaurants in Kericho

Kericho town, located in Kericho County is known as the land of tea. This is because most of the tea consumed in Kenya comes from this cool and green highland. Kericho is also on the way to Kisumu and is often a stopover town for people traversing the counties to the other end of the country. While at Kericho, here are the three best restaurants to try out.

Aubergine Restaurant

Just off Kericho-Kisumu highway, the Aubergine Restaurant sits enjoying a great ambience and beautiful views of the highway. This restaurant has a very inclusive menu with food options ranging from local dishes to international cuisine. The restaurant is also very kid friendly with enough space for them to lightly play and enjoy their outing. The restaurant also serves a special children’s menu that consists of items tailored specifically for them. And to wrap it all up, the customer service is beyond average making every guest feel right at home.

Kariokor Hotel

This joint is located at the heart of Kericho town and is the ultimate joint for meat lovers. Although the restaurant serves other meals, their nyama choma is the all-time favourite for most of its guests. Kariokor also serves fast foods such as French fries and samosas. Local foods including chapati and rice feature in the restaurant’s menu. This restaurant is definitely ideal for anyone on a budget.

Java Restaurant

The Java Restaurant in Kericho is located in the Green Square Mall off the Kericho-Kisumu highway. Java Restaurants occur in most towns of Kenya and most of East African countries. The best thing about this place is that they do not compromise on quality. Java restaurant Kericho has adequate and air-conditioned spaces with comfortable seats and great background music. The staff are always ready to serve and help you once you are seated and the children can get colouring materials to keep them busy as they wait for their orders. The prices at any Java Restaurant are standard therefore making it an ideal option no matter where it is.