Best Places To Go For Horseback Safaris In Kenya

Horseback safari concepts in Kenya started way back in the 1970s when ranchers would tour their then wild ranches on horses and have a spectacular view of wild animals which inhabited their ranches. Many people still fancy horseback safaris and Kenya offers just the best opportunity to have a spectacular view of wildlife on a horseback.

You can be in for luck and gallop with wildebeests and zebras as the cool wild breeze blows across your face. Horseback safaris come in two types. You can choose a centre based lodge rise which is facilitated by your lodge or the traditional mobile tented camp which follow you in caravans as you ride your horses in the Mara.

Here are some of the best places to go for horseback safaris in Kenya.

1. The Mara

Maasai Mara is an iconic place to explore while on horseback. You also get to stay in luxurious tented camps when dusk falls in the heart of the magical reserve. This package is good for riders and non-riders in the same group because riders can saddle on horses while non-riders can follow them in caravans with camping tents. Riders here can experience fast-paced canters and breathtaking river crossings as they meet nature in its full elements in the Mara. You get to be closer to wildlife than you will ever be while in a tour van.

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2. Borana Lodge

This is a family-run and owned lodge by the Dyer family which is situated in the foothills of Mt Kenya and adjacent to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. It has been around since 1993. Borana Lodge is set against a beautiful hillside with an organic design and panoramic views throughout. Its is famous for its horse riding adventures, but exploring the surrounding bush in Land Rovers is equally exciting. The ranch is perfect for picnics, sun-downers on Pride Rock (the original inspiration for Disney’s Lion King), and bush dinners.

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3. Sanctuary Farm; Lake Naivasha

Riding on Sanctuary Farm is an experience beyond belief.  Where you can get even closer to the game as they don’t seem to recognize you as a person they only see the four legs carrying you. You can be led or ride on your own in the sanctuary but you will always be accompanied on an adventure you will never forget. There are no predators in the areas where you will ride and all horse safaris are accompanied by two or more guides.

4. Ol Donyo Lodge

The Ol Donyo Lodge sits within 275,000-acres of Maasai-owned land known as the Mbirikani Group Ranch where views of Mt. Kilimanjaro are within reach just over the border in Tanzania. Ol Donyo lodge brings an exquisite immersion into the Mara that is unrivalled among safari choices. Riding like the wind on horseback through untouched expanse while slowly taking in Africa on her terms with all manner of nature and animal encounters to sleeping in sublime comfort among the stars as the lions roar and bright-eyed bush babies wail is just breathtaking.

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5. Ol Maro Ranch

Found in the deserts of Samburuland, this 5,000-acre family-owned conservation site offers endless fun and is a perfect holiday getaway destination. You get to go for game drives and picnics to riding, walking, fishing, medicinal plant walks and learning how to survive like a Samburu. With a perfect landscape for horse riding and sure-footed homebred push ponies, you get to enjoy wandering in Nothern Kenya having beautiful wild views, harsh rock outcrops and cool acacia lined up the riverbeds and of course a close canter near wildlife.

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6. Lewa Safari Camp 

Lewa Safari Camp offers evening horse rides. You can get very close to plains game as they see you as one of their own! Horse riding is for experienced riders only, as although it is a gentle walk on very well behaved horses, you are in the wild, and need to be able to bring a situation under control when horses are spooked. Horse riding is subject to availability and there is an additional charge. Riders are usually requested to fill out a questionnaire to ascertain their competency.

Lewa Safari Camp also offers evening camel rides.

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7. Sarara Camp

Sarara Camp is located in Namunyak Wildlife conservancy. With thousands of acres of lowland plains and wooded hills to explore, plus the greater expanse of the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy virtually at your doorstep, a horseback safari will suffice in exploring this great area. You get to ride a sturdy bush pony into the mountains along elephant pathways or venture to a scenic spot for a sundowner you won’t soon forget in guided horseback safaris.

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8. Solio Lodge

Solio Lodge is located on a private wildlife sanctuary, tucked in the valley between the lofty slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains, directly north of Nairobi. It offers just the perfect place to go for horseback rides in the vast expanse in guided horseback safaris.

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