Best Locations For Trail Biking In Kenya

Trail biking is cycling outdoors on trails, bridle paths, and forest roads, but not on roads which are regularly used by cars. A bicycle might not be the perfect mode of transport to move around with but when unwinding a weekend with friends and family, biking can be the best thing to do.

It is fun and healthy as you get to exercise. There are many places you can go for trail biking in Kenya but here are the best spots for trail biking in Kenya.

1. Hell’s Gate National Park

Hells’s gate is a spectacular place to experience nature atop a bicycle. It has picturesque towering cliffs, amazing rock towers, water-gouged gorges, scrub enveloped volcanoes and plumes belching geothermal steam making it just one place you will want to schedule a visit next weekend. It is an ideal spot for trail bikers as the venue provides just the right environment for trail biking. By following the BuffalloCircling Circuit, you will get to see the park in its full majesty, see ake Naivasha, Mount Longonot and Suswa and many wild animals. You can also get to enjoy rock climbing after the ride

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2. Karura Forest

This is one of the most frequented places by trail bikers. It has well-maintained cycling trails that lead you to the forest where nature awaits. You can hire a sturdy multi-speed trail bike to use on designated forest trails.  There are two bike depots: one on the KFEET grounds best accessible through Gate A (Limuru Road) or Gate D (off ICRAF Road), and a second rental point at Gate C (a.k.a. Sharks) off Kiambu Road. Charges are from Ksh.500/= per hour.

You also get to choose from a range of designated trails like for families can choose a simpler loop while experienced bikers can choose technical trails which are more than 15 km long.

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3. Ngong Hills

This is a biker’s paradise. Ngong offers the best trails and stunning backdrops for bikers. You can ride al the way to giant windmills and then relax as you gaze down the beautiful Ngong. The majestic Ngong hills will offer you both adventure and leave you with indelible memories.

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4. Oloolua Nature Trail

Found in Karen, this 5km nature trail is nothing short of pure nature bliss when cycling there. You get to cycle past thick bushes, gigantic indigenous trees and forest vines. You can also cycle alongside Mbagathi river and later relax at many shades available there.

5. Swara Plains

Located at the foot of Lukenya hill is Swara plains which are in a wild animal conservancy which overflows with wildlife. Cycling in Swara plains gives you a breathtaking view of wildlife as they graze near the trail path. There are no animals like lions or leopards which one can fear being attacked while cycling.

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6. Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is an ideal place for trail biking in Kenya. You get to explore the expansive lakeside and even the wild Maasai countryside and then the expansive savannah if you are a seasoned biker. This biking trail ideally starts from the foot of Ngong Hills, all the way to Lake Magadi, approximately 80 km long, making it ideal for a weekend bike safari. This is one place you can love to put your cycling skills into an extreme test.

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7. The Forest

The forest is located in Kereita, Nyandarua and it is pure adrenaline for cyclers. The Lari Massacre mass grave is found here. You get to cycle past magnificent waterfalls, chirping birds, Aberdare forest canopy and the many caves available here. After cycling, one can also go for zip-lining, fishing or archery.

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