Best Ideas For a Great Family Getaway During School Holidays

August holidays are here and kids are home for the holiday. School holidays are days for students to relax from the hard rigorous school system. Many parents promised their kids many things including holidays and now that holidays are here, let’s have a little talk on the best ideas for a great family getaway during school holidays.

Have a look.

1. Homestays

I have written about the importance of homestays before. It feels like you are a home away from home, more like a change of location but still home. Airbnb makes this possible and many Kenyans are opening their homes for homestays courtesy of Airbnb. Here you stay with your host as long as you like, cook there, help in house chores if you like, help in the farm if your host has one and let the kids have fun. You just need to check the best prices for the locations you want to go and pick the one which best suits you.

2. Let The Children Help in Planning For The Trip

Your children can help you make an important travel decision since the trip involves them anyway. Involving them in the planning of the trip will open their eyes and thought about the trip. They will also have a sense of ownership if they are involved in planning for the trip.

The Millenials especially, if not involved in the planning will hate the trip/holiday even before you leave which can be disastrous.

3. Look For An All-Inclusive Holiday Solution 

School holidays are not so long save for the December one hence its good to find an all-inclusive holiday deal that will save you the hustle of running all around your holiday location looking for cheaper meals and stuff. There are many travel companies and hotels that offer full-board packages at affordable rates. You need to browse through them online to find the best deal for you.

4. Go On Educational Tours With The Kids

You don’t need to necessarily go to the Coast for a family holiday. You can go for an educational tour within or outside Nairobi where children will get to learn as they explore. You can take them to the Kenya National Museum and learn a lot or take them to nature walks and historical sites.

5. Plan Earlier

A family getaway for say December can be planned as earlier as now. It will save you from the last-minute rush and you will get better deals if you book earlier.

6. Visit The Mara

This is one of the best destinations for family getaways, especially during the great migration. Plan your visit around the migration when your children are around and let them have the best moment of their lives and later have a family bonding moment at a tented camp in the Mara. You can as well as visit orphanages and conservancies if you like to.

7. Visit a Child-Friendly Location

If you have little children, then getting them entertained will be a tall order for you because the Mara visit, educational visits and even homestays won’t really make them any happy. You need to look for a child-friendly location where they too will have their bit of fun like theme parks where all members of the family can have the best time of their lives too.

8. Camp

Go for camping trips with your children. They will surely have a good time than will do in a hotel or an apartment. Camp trips in Naivasha, Maasai Mara or even the many conservancies in Kenya. Camping is adventurous and economical capitalwise.

9. Avoid The Coast During a Peak Season

The explanation here is simple, the coast is usually very crowded during peak seasons and prices usually skyrocket. You need to plan a visit to the coast when it is off-peak and have your sweet undisturbed family time with less crowding.