Best Hotels To Stay In Nakuru During A Business Conference

Business trips are often characterized by fully booked days that require as less hustle as possible. This means that whether you are travelling with a group or alone, you will need everything to flow smoothly. From timely eating times, ready conference halls, and available unwinding facilities at the end of the day. If you plan on having a business conference in Nakuru, the following hotels offer all these services and more.

Cathay Hotel

Cathay Hotel is located just off the Oginga Odinga road and one street away from the Westside Mall. Cathay Hotel is one of the pioneering hotels in Nakuru with exquisite facilities for both casual and business travellers. It has more than four conference halls that can hold more than thirty individuals each. The restaurant is big enough to hold more than a hundred people. It has a great bar with a lounge. The perfect place to enjoy a cold drink after a tedious day. The trained chefs serve a large variety of foods that cater to different preferences including vegetarians. Most importantly, the rooms are well-conditioned, furnished and stocked to fit customer comfort.

Merica Hotel

Merica Hotel is just on Kenyatta Avenue, next to the CBD’s Huduma Centre. Even with the close proximity to the town’s busy life, once inside, all the noise is filtered out. The hotel has rooms and suites that meet a wide range of customer budget. Not only are there soundproofed conference halls with projection provisions, but you can also enjoy the hotel’s gym and swimming pool during your free time. The hotel caters to both local and international guests thus language barriers will not be a problem. It has more than a hundred rooms that can hold up to three hundred guests at once.

Milele Resort

Milele Resort is located in the Milimani Estate along the road to the General Hospital. Milele Resort is a Christian-run facility that would be the best venue for a religious business conference. With perfectly manicured landscapes, tall trees surrounding the compound and the general quiet of the area, Milele Resort will allow you to carry out your business uninterrupted. The Resort has affordable accommodation with friendly staff. The restaurant serves local-based foods prepared in unique and delicious ways. It is an adequate venue for a small to medium group.

Sarova Woodlands Hotel

The Sarova Woodlands Hotel is also in Milimani Estate, but just off the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. The 4-star hotel has the ability to hold more than three hundred guests at once. The hotel is best for international and long business conferences. Some of the unique amenities offered include large parking space, tight security, international cuisine, bar, restaurant and swimming pool, laundry services and numerous conference halls all air-conditioned, comfortably furnished and soundproofed.