Best Hospitals in Nakuru for the Best Healthcare

When travelling, falling sick is almost a given because the human body reacts differently to different surroundings. Some people adapt fast and seamlessly. However, for those that are not so lucky, it is always great to know where you can get quality medical services when the need arises. Here is a list of some of the best hospitals in Nakuru.

Mediheal Group of Hospitals

Mediheal is a private group of hospitals based in Nakuru, Eldoret and Kampala Uganda. Mediheal is one of the few hospitals that offer in and outpatient services save for the government offices. The main Mediheal hospital is located just off the Nakuru – Nairobi highway. It is a 24-hour facility with resident doctors available whichever hour you arrive. It is suitable for both adult and pediatric patients, with a number of specialists available on call.

Contacts: +254 780 278 000/ +254 735 000 735

Evans Hospital

This is another private hospital located opposite the Nakuru Athletics Club off Oginga Odinga Hospital. It is equipped with patient wards, a fully stocked pharmacy, X-ray equipment and maternity services. The advantage that Evans Hospital has is the fact that some specialist doctors have their offices based in the hospital premises. This makes it easier for patients who require specialist treatment instead of referring them to other places.

Contacts: +254 512 214 207

War Memorial Hospital

Perhaps the oldest and best hospital in Nakuru, the War Memorial Hospital continues to be a local favourite for Nakuru residents. It is a private hospital that has grown over the years to offer almost all medical services including physiotherapy, lab works, dentistry, radiology etc. The Warm Memorial hospital has several specialist resident doctors and other independent doctors on rounds all through the day.

Contact: 0718 252 405

St Elizabeth Hospital

A hospital great for individuals on a median income, St. Elizabeth is a hospital is located in the Freehold Area of Nakuru. It has both in and outpatient categories and a doctor on call 24/7. St. Elizabeth, however, does not have some facilities such as X-rays, Scans and Laboratory services. They do however have a pharmacy and maternity facilities.

Contacts: 0733 710399

St. Mary’s Hospital

This is a Catholic-based institution located along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway just after Gilgil. The hospital is popular because it is the only one located in that area of the town. It thereby providing services to the locals who prefer not to go all the way to the CBD. It is also a fully equipped hospital with X-ray, Optical, and Maternity etc. services available.

Contacts: 0706 642461