Best Estates To Live In Nakuru

Whether you are looking for an Airbnb hostel or a house to rent in Nakuru, getting the right estate is key. Estates dictate the amount of rent you pay, the level of security and availability of amenities such as water, food and health care. Knowing which estate to settle for in a foreign country can be hectic, therefore here is a list of best residential areas for foreigners in Nakuru.


You will find that many expatriates, tourists and dual citizens have made the Milimani area in Nakuru their second home. This can be because of the lush green that covers the area thanks to its highland (Milimani) position, its scarce population, or the high-end persons it houses. Whichever the case, Milimani is a very safe estate with greatly built houses and many foreigners. The War Memorial Hospital, Naivas Mall, and Sarova Woodlands hotel are all within the vicinity so you won’t have to go far for basic needs.

Section 58

This is perhaps second in hierarchy after Milimani Estate. Section 58 has been in existence for a long time and was initially established to house Kenyan Indians post-colonialism. With time, however, the area has now become a mix of both Native Kenyans and Kenyan Asians, together with some foreigners. Most foreigners living in this estate have done so for decades and some have borne a second generation. Section 58 is well equipped with several schools surrounding it, the Naivas Mall close by, and the section’s shopping centre right at the heart of the estate.

White House

The White House area takes its name after a pub that was built to mimic the original American Statehouse. The White House area is predominantly Kenyan. However, some foreigners like the estate because of its almost 24-hour economy. It is also has a middle-class setting and if there is somewhere you are going to have fun living, it is going to be White House. Compared to Milimani, the White House area is much cheaper and less posh. However, the Matatus here work up to midnight (something uncommon in this small town), the 7D Lounge is just a stone throw away and almost all facilities are available throughout the day.


The Kabarak area is a bit far from the CBD, but for travellers looking to settle and farm while at it, then Kabarak is your best shot. The home of our second president Daniel Moi, the small town has seen some growth over the years. However, for things like nightlife, supermarkets and hospitals, one might have to go to the CBD that is only 22kilometres away.


Greensteds is located about 15km from Nakuru CBD and just off the Nakuru- Nairobi highway. The area became open to foreigners after the Greensteds International School was established. It is an ideal place for people who like travel, a quiet life and a semi-rural life. You might, however, need a car, or a Boda Boda contact because the facilities available are scattered and far from each other. No Matatus access the estate past the highway as well so having a taxi friend is necessary.