Best Day Trips You Can Make From Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and therefore the most common drop off point for international tourists. It is a cosmopolitan city and will, therefore, hold a piece of at least every corner of the country. However, that should not keep you from exploring outside the city. And if you are concerned about accommodation and budget, then here is a list of 4 places which you can easily visit and go back to Nairobi in a day!

Kiambethu Tea Farm Limuru

If you love nature, history and a good tale, then this is the perfect day trip for you. Located just 30 kilometres from the heart of the city, Kiambethu Tea Farm is one of the largest tea plantations in the country. The plush uniform plantations offer an aesthetic view like never before. You will have lots of spots to take photos in while enjoying the cool fresh air of Limuru town. This site is best enjoyed with a group of friends because the vastness of the place can cause you to feel a bit lonely. You can then pass by the Limuru Market and experience Kenyan haggling at its best before heading back to Nairobi to retire.

Rift Valley View Point

Just on the Nakuru- Nairobi highway lies a view point that gives the best view of the Rift Valley. In less than an hour from the city, you can find your way to this beautiful spot on one of the valley’s escarpments where you will see the vastness of the great rift. Here you can take photos, drink a cold soda, meet the locals that have set shop there and even get yourself some souvenirs. This will be a short trip since there is not much of moving around, but you can grab yourself a late lunch before heading back to your hotel.

Mt Longonot

If you are a hiking freak then this is definitely your fix. Mt Longonot has two experience in store for you. The hike and the game trek. The hike up the mountain is at least 3 kilometres and will take you 5-6 hours to go up and down depending on your speed and fitness. If you are not feeling like doing the intense hiking, you can always go for a nature walk around the Mt Longonot Game Park where you will get to see zebras, baboons, monkeys, antelopes, warthogs and a variety of birds up close. Do not forget to carry your water and a camera to capture all the amazing scenery.

Lake Naivasha

Last on our list is the Lake Naivasha. This is one of the three freshwater lakes found in the Rift Valley. The lake is home to Hippos and a variety of fish and birds. To have the best experience, you can plan to be there in the early morning so as to have a full day to enjoy boat rides, nature walks and amazing foods prepared by the lake shores.

Make the best of your time in Kenya by visiting as many places as possible and affordably. When visiting these four places you will not have to worry about booking multiple hotels or finding accommodation alternatives. These day trips will give you a taste outside the city but still have you on your planned itinerary.