Benefits Of Small Group Touring In Kenya

Group touring has very many benefits. With all the logistics taken care of, one can be able to relax and enjoy every bit of his/her holiday, see and experience more for your money and pf course make great friends along the way.

There is one downside to traditional touring that many people usually don’t talk about, the practicality of travelling in large groups. There is a possibility here that you can miss out on crucial views when travelling in large groups not to mention the extra time taken to check-in or order at a restaurant.

This is why you should consider small group touring whereby the group size does not 12 passengers. The smaller the group, the unforgettable the experience. Here are some of the benefits of small group touring in Kenya.

1. More Time With Your Guide

A low guest-to-guide ratio means that you will have more one-on-one time to ask questions and take advantage of your guide’s expert local knowledge.

2. More Accommodation Choices

Small groups have the flexibility to stay in a wider range of accommodations. Fewer big chains – more unique, comfortable and quality stays, unlike big groups whereby even getting accommodation for all those travelling at once can be a hectic thing.

3. Unparalleled Access/ Getting Off The Tourist Trail

There are areas restricted to larger groups. A smaller group, in this case, will give you unparalleled access to such areas allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination away from large crowds.

4. Less Waiting Time

With a smaller group, everything is easier and quicker giving you more time to enjoy your tour. This is from time taken when checking into hotels, getting on and off transport, meals and even comfort stops.

5. Better Views, of course

Being in a small group means you will get a better view of what you are supposed to see, say animals, nature. You won’t have to jostle with dozens of other travellers and travel vehicles to get the best views and perfect photo opportunities. Your views in a small group will be undisputably unparalleled.

6. Move Around With Greate Ease

When you are travelling as a small group, moving around during your tour is easy un unstressful as you don’t have many people to direct on what to do and when. When the number of people travelling is big, it becomes stressful moving around as not everybody will be moving as required. One will be in the washrooms, one buying snacks, one taking selfies while others are waiting for him/her in the vehicle and such like stuff.

7. You Get To Have More Fun

Travelling in smaller groups turns out to be more unforgettable than when travelling in large groups. With smaller groups, you can easily bond with other travellers and make good friends while on the other hand, it can be tricky to bond with a large group of people.