Best Art Galleries Worth Visiting In Kenya

Art galleries have been in Kenya for quite some time now. Art galleries provide space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art.  Even though art galleries are primarily concerned with providing a space to show works of visual art, art galleries are sometimes used to host other artistic activities such as performance arts, music concerts, and poetry readings.

Here is a list of art galleries worth giving a visit in Kenya.

1.The Art Space

Founded by Wambui Kamiru Collymore, The Art Space opened in 2015 and has evolved from a commercial art gallery based in Kenya, into online space with regular pop-ups in popular and sometimes unusual spaces around Nairobi. They feature art for sale from new and established artists.

Through art exhibitions and informal conversations, The Art Space allows for growth and critique in the visual arts. The Art Space focuses on contemporary art from Africa and links artists with the contemporary art market, locally and internationally.

2. Circle Art

Founded in 2012 and based in Nairobi, Circle Art Gallery promotes contemporary art from Eastern Africa. Circle Art also supports and promotes the most innovative artists practising in East Africa. Through solo and group exhibitions as well as participation in international art fairs, this gallery has increased visibility for emerging and established artists both at home and internationally.

3. Polka Dot Art Gallery

Located in Karen, Polka Dot Art Gallery exhibits painting and sculpture and has an expanding collection of one-off art gifts and prints. Set up by art lover and curator Lara Ray, The Polka dot Art Gallery offers a unique space in Nairobi for you to immerse themselves in the contemporary arts. It showcases art from both local and international artists and organises monthly exhibitions balancing both established and up and coming artists.

4. Little Gallery

Little Gallery is located in Karen. Through their website and special projects, Little gallery gives opportunities for artists to expose and sell their artworks and this enables the ordinary Kenyan and the art enthusiasts unprecedented online access to art exhibitions and events within Nairobi and information on Contemporary Visual Arts in Kenya.

The gallery carries collectable artworks by the top contemporary visual artists practising in East Africa. Most are based in  Nairobi – Kenya. Their works can be categorised as sculptures, paintings and installations

5. One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery was started in 1994 but was closed from 2000 to 2009 when it was reopened again. The gallery aims to represent some of the most established artists in Kenya, many of who we represent exclusively, along with associate artists from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Rwanda.

6. GravitArt

GravitArt is an online art gallery which provides the opportunity for art lovers and collectors to explore and buy stunning African contemporary art. GravitArt isn´t constrained by any one space but you can check their art out at exhibitions.

We believe that the freedom of not having a designated location gives us the opportunity to find the most relevant venues and transform incredible spaces into art experiences across the globe. Exhibits

7. Matbronze Art Gallery and Foundry

Matbronze art gallery is located in Karen. Matbronze is conveniently located between Nairobi’s two main tourist attractions; The Giraffe Centre and the Elephant Orphanage.  Matbronze has one of the largest display of wildlife bronzes in Africa. Over six hundred pieces, ranging from cuff-links to life-size crocodiles. From cute cub footprints to large lion track trays.

8. Banana Hill Art Gallery

Banana Hill Art Gallery is located in Mombasa and they offer sculptures and paintings from both upcoming and established artists. The space strives to bring artists and clients together, ensuring that talented artists have a place to showcase their talent and benefit from it.

9. The Red Hill Art Gallery

The Red Hill Art Gallery is located in the lush green hills just outside Nairobi. The gallery was built to be light and airy, tucked away in a beautiful garden with views of the Nairobi skyline.

The gallery provides a stunning and wholly appropriate space devoted to a passion for African Art. The gallery owns a large collection, amassed over a period of 25 years by the owners, that amounts to a very astutely selected cross-section of the finest modern and contemporary African artwork, including paintings and sculptures. This collection provides the foundation of the exhibition programme. In addition, the gallery presents several shows each year dedicated to individual artists.

10. Uweza Art Gallery

The Uweza Art Program first started in 2011 in one room at the Uweza Community Center. Uweza Art Gallery provides youth artists with space and materials to create and market their own original art, which is sold online, at the gallery and through events and exhibitions. 60% of all of the sales of artwork from the gallery goes directly to the artist and/or to their school fees if they are below age 18. 40% of sales go back into buying supplies, paying rent, and sustaining the art gallery. As of 2018, the gallery is currently self-sustaining through sales of artwork.

11. Diani Beach Art Gallery

Established in September 2010, the Diani Beach Art Gallery is the first venture of its kind in the coastal region of Kenya and brings together artists from all over Africa.

Offering a great variety of contemporary fine African art, the airy and light space invites you to enjoy its relaxed atmosphere while learning more about your favourite artists and contemporary fine African art.

12. Nairobi Gallery

Nairobi Gallery used to be the old PC’s building in 1913 where registration of births, marriages and deaths was undertaken. Today, the building is a National Monument and serves as a museum holding temporary art exhibitions.

13. The GoDown Arts Centre

Established in 2003, the GoDown Arts Centre is home to Kenyan creativity in arts and media. It serves as a place where creative ideas can be generated, mingled and cross-referenced. The GoDown Arts Centre promotes professional development through training workshops that are held throughout the year while creating an environment for innovation and collaboration between artists.