Amazing Picnic Sites In Nakuru You Should Visit

What is a vacation in Kenya without a nice Saturday or Sunday afternoon lunch in a nice green field somewhere? Picnic sites are slowly gaining popularity in Kenya, and the reasons are very understandable. Picnics are cheap, easy and relaxed. They are also a good way to get away from the normal intensive activities of the weekday. Below are some amazing picnic sites in Nakuru that are guaranteed to offer you the best value for your time and money.

Eagles Point Camp Elementaita

This privately owned campsite by the shores of Lake Elementaita has a very homely touch to it. The staff and management are extremely friendly and helpful to visitors. At this campsite, you can order in food from the restaurant and enjoy I picnic style, or simply carry your own food and just foot the space renting charges. You will have the great Lake Elementaita as your background, tall acacia trees around you and different bird species flying overhead. The camp is especially suitable for youth groups and teams.

Crescent Island Naivasha

The charges for the Island are Ksh800/= for residents and Ksh2000/= for non-residents. The uniqueness of this island is that you get to have your picnic just a few meters away from a Giraffe, herd of Zebra or gazelles leaping their day away. The Island rests on Lake Naivasha and it carries a serenity that is not common to many places. You can then enjoy a boat ride around the Lake where you get to see hippos, waterbucks and beautiful pelicans gliding so gracefully just above the lake’s waters.

Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate is known for its fascinating rock formation and archaeological history. People visit this place to enjoy the rock scenery, bike rides and nature trails. However, you can also simply go there to enjoy a nice picnic in the rocks and under clear blue skies. Simply remember to wear light clothes because it can get quite hot thanks to the volcanic activities that occur below ground level. Also, make sure not to litter and to carry away your trash in order to keep the animals safe.