Amazing Forest Destinations For Thrilling Experiences In Kenya

Holidays are here and everyone who wants to go on a trip has their eyes set on the Kenyan coast. Instead of jostling for space at the beaches, why not just go hiking and enjoy some quiet time in the jungle, listening to birds and insects chirping?

Here is a list of amazing forest destinations for thrilling forest tourism experiences in Kenya.

1.Ngare Ndare forest
At the border of Laikipia and Meru counties bordering Lewa and Borana conservancies stands an amazing expanse of 100 acres. Canopy Forest has trees as old as 400 years. A walk through the 450 metres stretch canopy standing 20 feet above the forest floor gives you a breathtaking lifetime moment.

The strong strands and floor of the Canopy Walk is accommodative enough, even for the faint-hearted. After making a few steps, the walk becomes more exciting and lovely. From above, you stand a chance of spotting buffalos elephants and leopards. At Ngare Ndare falls, you can try canoeing activities, camping, forest walking, rock climbing, game drives, bird watching and even canyoning.
What To Know

  • Be sure to be accompanied by an armed ranger for security purposes
  • Don sports shoes to be comfortable during the hike
  • The ideal time to visit os when it is not raining

Entry fee for residents at Nagre Ndare is Sh2,000 and Sh4,000 for non-residents.


2. Karura Forest
Karura forest has been known as a criminal den until 2009 when a community forest association started managing
it. There are many activities one can do on-site like hiking, biking, walking trails and going for cave and waterfall tours.

The well-marked trails have become synonymous with jogging and preparation grounds for hiking and mountain biking on trails covering up to 15km. There are also the historic caves said to have been used for religious ceremonies and as Mau Mau hideouts

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3. Aberdares Forest, Nyeri

The Aberdares are the third highest range of mountains in Kenya, reaching a summit of just over 4000m. This massive range is well known for its thick salient forests, and their prolific game.

These high altitude forests are broken by moorlands and plains, and through the abundant tree cover, there are sensational views of the Rift Valley and the peak of Mt Kenya.

The forest is a hidden world of wildlife. The thick vegetation provides perfect cover for countless wildlife species. You can go for walking trails, horseback excursions at the foot of the mountain, hiking and even go swimming at the waterfalls in the forest.

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4. Shimba Hills Reserve, Kwale
For nature lovers who choose the Coast as their holiday destination this festive season, the Shieldrick Falls at the heart of Shimba Hills is a signature adventure. The 2.5km walk to the fall is perfect for interaction with nature.
KWS officers manning the forest prefer escorting different groups to the fault to make the hiking more exciting.
The home of the sable antelope was once home to elephants, but they were relocated to Tsavo National Park to stem incidents of human-wildlife conflict.

Shimba hills  ©Bush Telegraph

5. Kereita Forest
Thinking about Limuru, Kiambu county, what comes to your mind is the chilly, foggy weather. A trip to the area demands that you dress warmly.
However, in the heart of Kimende, about 45Km from the city on the Nairobi-Naivasha highway sits Kereita Forest, which ranks among the new and most exciting tourist destinations in Kenya. The Forest Adventure camp is the place to warm up!

One can enjoy a range of activities here including zip lining, archery, horse-riding, paintballing, nature walks and mountain biking. Each activity costs Sh1,000 or less.

What To Know

  • The weather can be extremely cold, so dress warmly.
  • Sportswear and sports shoes are the ideal dress code for the activities
  • Your safety is prioritised, but before engaging in zip lining you, have to be of good health and not pregnant for the ladies.

An entry fee of Sh200 is payable at the forest gate.

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6. Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

If your holiday destination has to be the coast again, then Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve is a must-visit. This fascinating forest is nestled beside the beaches of Watamu, just minutes from the waters of the Indian Ocean. It is 110km north of Mombasa town. he air is filled with butterflies and birds, the trees alive with monkeys and the forest floor home to many smaller mammals. The forest stretches to the headwaters of the mighty Sabaki river, and occasionally herds of elephant pass through the forest en route to the river.


7. Kakamega Forest

Kakamega forest is a quiet haven for nature lovers. It is also an important reserve for primates. You can see them swinging here and there immediately you enter the forest. Kakamega Forest also has many walking trails and abundant in birdlife.