Airbnb vs Hostel: What Should You Go For In Kenya?

When it comes to touring foreign countries, especially for a solo traveller, accommodation is one of the biggest hills one has to climb. Accommodation options have to cover factors such as safety, budget, accessibility and the likes. Apart from staying at a hotel, people have found better, cheaper options such as Airbnb and hostels. But how do you choose one and not the other? Below are some of the things to consider between taking a hostel or renting an Airbnb home.


Every traveller is always on a budget and we try to save as much as possible for the actual adventure instead of using it all on food and shelter. One tiebreaker between hostels and Airbnb apartments is the cost. These costs vary from country to country and depending on individuals. In Kenya, some Airbnb apartments, especially those out of Nairobi could be cheaper or the same amount as a hostel. This is because the general cost of living outside Nairobi is cheaper. Some Airbnb will offer simple things like shower items, food, and beddings as part of the cost. Some hostels will offer just space but require you to fend for the smaller details. Your budget should guide you in choosing the kind of accommodation to get during your stay.


Once the budget question is out of the way, you have to decide whether you feel comfortable staying at an Airbnb with or without the host, or around a group of people in a hostel. In each case, the individuals you are going to meet are all strangers. Some people would prefer dealing with one stranger at a time and thus opt for an Airbnb while others like being in crowds, and therefore go for hostels. It all goes down to personal preferences.


Without a doubt, hostels are less private than Airbnb’s because every amenity is usually communal. Whether it is the lounge area, the cooking area or the sleeping area, you will have to share. This can be challenging especially when you are staying with a messy group of people. An Airbnb gives you the responsibility to clean up after yourself while the amenities you use are all for you. As much as an Airbnb can get lonely especially when you are travelling alone, it can also be quiet and peaceful.


There is no point in saving money on accommodation and end up using it on long and expensive commutes. This is the case for most Airbnb. Since they are residential apartments, most of them will be away from the city centre compared to hostels. You might have to be commuting for long before getting to where you want as opposed to just staying in a hostel in town where all means of transportation are readily available.

Both Airbnb and hostel options are viable, but the above factors will help you decide which one is more favourable for you. We hope you get to enjoy Kenya and get a cosy place to stay.