Airbnb Etiquette To Practice In Kenya and Around The World

Airbnbs are basically people’s private homes used to host travellers as a source of extra income. They still remain private establishments and should be treated as such. Some travellers are not cautious about what they do in their airbnb because they believe it is not their responsibility. Below is a short etiquette guide on how to operate while staying at an airbnb.

Be polite

Some Airbnbs are actually hosted situations where the owner of the house still stays in one part of the house. If this is the case, then make sure you are polite and kind to them. Regardless of their age or social status, always be polite to your host because it is the right thing to do. You do not have to associate with them always, but for the parts that are necessary, be kind.

Keep it clean

This is one of the problems that most airbnbs have with their stay ins. Unlike hostels, the sanitation of an airbnb is left completely in your hands. You determine how clean the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and lounge area stays, because you are the one to use them. You do not have to clean daily because that might be impractical depending on the intensity of your itinerary. However, make sure that when finally leaving, the house is as clean as you found it if not cleaner.

Respect their privacy and that of the neighbourhood

Most airbnbs are in rental properties. This means that the compound you live in might not be exclusively for you. In such cases, make sure you respect the compound rules. For example, some places will not allow you to play loud music past midnight. Some will require the main gate to be closed by 10 pm. Do avoid any inconveniences and trouble, ensure you ask your host to disclose all rules and policies. Concerning in-house privacy, make sure you respect out of bound places and items if any.

If you break it, replace it

Lastly, ensure that you are careful around the house. Accidents are not always preventable and a cup is bound to slip and fall from your hands thus breaking. It is okay to have a few clumsy mistakes. The toilet might get jammed, the kitchen sink may get blocked or the electric kettle may get its fuse burnt. Whatever accident, make sure you replace the damaged item.