A Quick Guide On How To Travel Light In Kenya

Packing and travelling light is an extreme sport for people who have never travelled light before. But travelling light is achievable, even if you have a lot to carry, or cant just help it but carry a lot. Travelling light is, by all means, good because why should you struggle with loads of stuff?

Here is a quick guide on how to travel light in Kenya.

1. Use a Packing List

Just packing out of the blues can have you packing stuff you might not need wherever you are going or even carrying extra. Pack essentials which you had written on the packing list. If it is not on the list, then definitely it is not being packed.

2. Wear Heavy/Thick Clothes Instead  of Packing Them 

This is a smart swap which can help you save a lot of space and help you travel light. The space saved by this swap can carry something which takes up less space and lighter. Wearing is not carrying, remember that.

3. Don’t Pack Bulky Appliances

If you are not going to use your laptop say upcountry, I don’t think there is any reason whatsoever to carry it. Such things and electric brushes to name a few can make your bag to be very heavy. Just avoid what you are not going to use.

4. Avoid Big Suitcases

This should have been the first one because if you use a big suitcase, then definitely you will pack more but if you use a smaller one, you will pack less stuff which won’t be bulkier.

5. Pack one Multi-purpose Pair of Shoes

This will mean you have three shoes, technically. Since you have a pair on your feet and a pair that can be used more than once on different occasions, then we are talking about three pairs here. Shoes eat up a lot of space and maybe heavy according to your preference and taste.

6. If You Can Only Have a carry-on, The Better

A carry-on is the lightest way to travel. Carry your essentials like a book, light electronics, a shirt or two and anything that can fit in there which is essential to you. It is even secure this way than travelling with a large suitcase as you cant easily lose your carry-on as you can lose your suitcase.