9 Fun and Engaging Activities for A Diverse Group Travel

A diverse group consists of people of different ages, interests and physical activities. When travelling with such a group it is almost impossible to carry out all the activities that individual members want. But it is feasible to find common grounds in activities that are neutrally engaging and enjoyable. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

Nature Trails

Taking a light nature trail in places such as the Safari Board Walk or Haller Park is much better than extreme activities such as hiking. This is because hiking might exclude certain individuals including the very old, the very young, those with medical conditions that limit them etc. Nature trails however often take place in level grounds and so it would be like taking a normal day’s walk but with the bonus of seeing beautiful animals and plants.


Like nature trails, museums are not too demanding but they are just as fun and engaging. In fact, a museum is the best place for a diverse group because there is something to learn for everyone. The children can enjoy the more animated parts such as the aquariums and snake parks while the older individuals enjoy the trip through history.

Boat rides

Boat rides are almost a must for group travels. Although there might be individuals with water phobia, there are boats that are built almost like houses and the individuals would not have to be in the open water. Boat rides in lakes and the sea are a great way to interact with the aquatic life that might otherwise be hard to see on land. Some boat rides even have custom made activities such as song and dance and even preparation of meals on board.

Site seeing

Site seeing is another all-round activity for everyone in a diverse travelling group. Features like mountains, old castles and tea farms, gorges, rock formations among others, can be fun for everyone, especially if the whole group is new to the sites.

Game drives

A trip to Kenya is always incomplete without a game drive. If the diverse travelling group is foreign to the country, then game drives should be in your top activities. The advantage of game drives is that it is not labour intensive. It can be a great way to finish a day that was full of activities.

Beach Day

The beach is almost a haven for group travellers. The large open space, the cool sea breeze and numerous activities make it the perfect destination. Group members don’t have to all do the same thing. The children can build sand castles and collect shells, while the young adults engage in a volleyball game or any of the sea sports. The elder members can take time to enjoy the always beautiful coastal sun while sipping on some drinks, read a book, take a walk or even join in a game or castle building session.

Self-Catering Camping

Camping is also a group friendly activity that will have everyone participating in. The young ones can help with firewood collection of course under supervision. The others can all help with other chores such as cooking, setting up the tents, taking photos and videos, unloading and cleaning up. Self-catering camping is a nice way to relax and bond with everyone in the group especially round a bonfire.


Dining can be in the form of restaurant visits or a picnic in the open air. When travelling with a diverse group, other activities may take precedent of time and you may never get the chance to just sit and relax. Well, dining together every once in a while during your travels will ensure that everyone gets a chance to form connections with other members and even share their experiences.

Market Excursions

Lastly, after a week or several days of exploring Kenya or any other destination as a diverse group, the perfect way to end your trip is by arranging a market day. Every city should have a major market where people can go and see, buy and experience the town at its best. Market excursions are especially great because they allow members to buy souvenirs, gifts for each other and other supplies that might be cheaper or better than those at home.

Bonus Activity

Have a floating box at your camp or place of accommodation where at the last day everyone can send anonymous letters of encouragement to other members. The letters are distributed at the very last point of the journey. This helps foster friendships and have people keep in touch even after the travelling experience.