8 Types of Travellers and Where To Place Yourself

Initially, people used to travel as explorers, for trading purposes or for seeking asylum in peaceful countries. However, with continued globalization, the world continues to see a new crop of travellers. Below are 8 umbrella categories we identified. Some types intertwine therefore one kind can appear under more than one category.

Business Traveller

People who travel for business rarely have the interest and time of seeing sites, visiting beaches or trying out new foods. They often fly or drive to their new destination, carry out their business and then go back home.

Professional Travellers

Professionals are different from business travellers in that travelling is actually their job. They could be food bloggers, fashionistas, travel photographers or in a filmography project. These travellers move from place to place trying to experience what each place holds in order to get content for their jobs.

Vacation and Relaxation travellers

This category is perhaps the most common kind of travellers. People who travel for vacation do it maybe once in a year. They may choose to go to a specific place as a tradition or decide to try out different countries each time. Either way, said travellers will not explore the city they are in or participate in intense activities. A log cabin in the woods or a beach holiday house without noise and long relaxed days are more suitable for them.

Escape/ Change of Scenery Travellers

Some people travel to escape their current lives. They may either have a very demanding career, a monotonous and tasking life or they may be going through a rough patch. Travelling, therefore, comes in handy as a means to get away from the chaos surrounding them. An escape traveller may choose to go on a relaxing trip or the exact opposite to distract themselves.

Adrenaline Junkies/Thrill Travellers

This group of travellers get on the move just for the thrill of it. Most of them rarely have a specific plan. They simply travel to a new place and make sure to engage in all the exciting and adrenaline filled activities available. Some of these activities include bungee jumping, rock climbing, sky diving, deep-sea diving etc.

Nature Loving Travellers

Just like food lovers and adrenaline worshippers, there are travellers who simply want to experience nature in all its different forms and locations. They, therefore, travel to enjoy nature trails, walking safaris, scuba diving, camping in the wild, and the likes. Nature travellers will almost always go for campsites than hotel rooms.

Free Spirits

Ever seen people who wake up and decide to book a ticket and go? These travellers are called Free Spirits. These kinds rarely plan for their trips and most of the time decide to globe-trot before settling in one place. Some free spirits do not even settle at all. They often travel with all their belongings, living a minimal life and enjoying what each place has to offer. Some people travel one country to another in their RVs so that they can always be home, no matter their geographical position.

Bucket List Travellers

The last and also very common list are the bucket list travellers. These group of travellers often save money over a period of time to travel to places they have indicated on their lists. They might have no interest in other places that are not indicated on their list. Their travelling schedule will depend on their financial capabilities, job flexibility and time of the year. Bucket list travellers can travel many times a year or once in several years.

So which category of travellers do you likely fit?