7 Solid Reasons to Visit Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is located in a sparsely populated town in the south west of Nairobi. Magadi town is best known as the soda ash manufacturing town. However, it is also famous for being home to the beautiful and fascinating Lake Magadi. Here is why you should make time and visit the lake especially during the holiday seasons:

Proximity to Nairobi

Magadi town is approximately 85 kilometres from Nairobi town. Initially, it was hell trying to get there because of the poor roads. But now the highway is fully tarmacked and in one and a half hours, you are going to be at your destination. This makes it perfect even for a day visit.

Biodiversity Relevance

The Lake Magadi ecosystem is rich in animal and plant life. Being hot and dry, the animals stay close to the water for the cooling breeze that is felt especially at night. You can easily sight antelopes and zebras throughout your journey. If you take a game drive, you are bound to see more animals such as the wildebeest and Somali ostrich.

Important Bird Location

Lake Magadi is one of the few soda lakes that holds a healthy population of flamingos that constantly move across the Kenyan-Tanzania border. You will be able to see and appreciate this beautiful pink carpet on the lake at a close view. Some other birds to spot include pelicans.

Neighbours Lake Natron

Lake Magadi is a neighbour to the famous Lake Natron, which is the breeding ground for the East African flamingos. Being able to see the red lake is a great bonus for any traveller.

Amazing Landscape

Many people including celebrities like Wyre have shot music videos and films on this location. Lake Magadi has such amazing geographic make-up that makes it the best destination for photographers and filmmakers.

Medicinal hot springs

Like Lake Bogoria, the Lake Magadi has hot springs on its northern and southern ends. Those on the northern end, however, can reach up to 90 degrees heat so do not dip your hands or feet in them. You can, however, enjoy a free and natural fauna that will leave your pores opened and refreshed. The southern springs are however much cooler and are believed to have healing properties.

Affordable accommodation

For such an amazing location, Lake Magadi has very affordable accommodation prices with prices as low as 4500 for bed and breakfast.

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