6 Categories of Things Not Allowed in Carry-On Luggage

If you are taking an international flight for the first time, you might find it very frustrating and sometimes even scary, when you are asked by the airport security to leave some things behind. You might beg, cry or result in threatening to sue them, but the fact is, there are laws that passengers are expected to follow. So to avoid being delayed and forced to repack, here are six things not allowed in carry-on luggage.

Liquids over 100ml

It doesn’t matter whether you put the 100ml shampoo in a half litre bottle, liquids and containers over 100ml are strictly not allowed on carry-on luggage. If you must carry large amounts of liquids, then you will be forced to put them in your check-in luggage. Even with 100ml bottles, you can only carry those that fit in a single quart-sized zip lock bag. Any excesses will be confiscated by airport security.


Naturally, weapons are not allowed in carry-on luggage unless otherwise authorized. This includes guns, knives, self-defence items like pepper spray, blades etc. You are however allowed to carry carefully wrapped items like knives in your checked-in bags, provided you can prove that you have no ill intentions.

Sports Equipment

If you are attached to your baseball bat or hockey stick, we are sad to announce that you may have to let them go for a while during your flight. Sports equipment that can be used as weapons are prohibited from being carried with passengers on board. In case you are afraid of its safety, you can label it fragile and trust the airline staff to keep it safe until you land.

Fresh Foods

Perishable foods like raw meat, fish, and vegetables are not allowed in carry-on luggage. You may have the luck of being allowed to board with a banana or apple, but you are required to consume them during your trip. Otherwise, you may end up getting into trouble with the immigration officers at your destination’s airport.

Filled lighters

Lighters are allowed in carry on luggage but only if they are empty. Full lighters can be used as a weapon, or even accidentally start fires that may lead to panic and larger losses. Therefore keep it empty or check it in.


Tools include nails, spanners, pliers, cutters etc. They may be sharp or blunt, but if they can be used to cause harm, then they are strictly forbidden in carry-on luggage. Some countries are lax about these items and will allow them if they do not exceed set measurements. But for the most part, tools are considered potentially dangerous and are required to be in checked-in luggage if needed.