5 Steps In Getting The Right Hostel For You

The place you will be staying while in Kenya should be safe, comfortable and able to house at least half of your preferences. This is why you should do as much homework as possible before settling on a hostel. Here are five simple steps to follow when choosing the right hostel for you.

Get a list

Depending on the city or town you will be saying in, you should have at least 3 options of hostels to choose from. Get a list of all possible options by asking any of your friends that have previously been in Kenya and stayed in hostels. You can also just go with the list that comes up on Google search.

Narrow it down via online scouting

Once you have prospects to work with, start to look for things that will lead you to the best option. One of the best ways to do this is by scouting online. You will have to go through facebook travelling groups, Quora, trip advisor and other online platforms where you can get outside opinions from. Usually, the online rating of a place should be a good lead in deciding its viability. You should not let one negative review discourage you. However when the complaints outweigh the compliments then you should listen to them.

Compare and contrast

You are down to your last two options and you cannot choose between them because they both look great for you. This is a dilemma most travellers have to face. In order to get the best deal, consider all factors such as cost, accessibility, the amenities available etc. If these factors still do not help with making your choice, move on to step 4.

Do some Physical scouting

This will be a hectic activity especially when you are unfamiliar with Kenya. However, you can always take a taxi and ask them to wait for you as you quickly undertake the excursion. It might seem like an expensive activity but eventually, it will save you a lot of hustle and money. When checking around, look at the levels of hygiene, the number and kind of people staying in the hostel, the amenities available etc. You are bound to find something that one hostel has that the other lacks.

Move in

You have found your perfect hostel, and all that is remaining is moving in. Some hostels are fully communal meaning you will have to share a room with other people. If you are lucky though, you might find hostels with private rooms. They may be more expensive, but not as expensive as a hotel room.