5 Reasons Why Early Morning Flights Are Always the Best

Did you know that morning flights are always the best option when it comes to air travel? Forbes, Travel+Leisure and some interviewed airline crews all confirm this. They all agree on the fact that airplanes bound to take off by 7 a.m. are always the best flights to take. Below are some of the reasons why.

Less crowds

If you hate the hustle of having to fight through massive crowds of strangers at the airport and making unbelievably long lies, then booking morning flights might be your solution here on out. People always choose their sleepover travel because after all, the flights will always be there. Therefore taking a super early flight will save you long check-in queues, noise and the general chaos that come with crowds. You can even end up getting a whole row of seats for yourself!


Believe it or not, morning flights are usually some of the cheapest deals airlines offer. Apart from their low popularity, some airlines simply like starting their days by putting smiles on their customers’ faces. Mid-afternoon flights are always the most expensive because everyone is up and ready to travel then. Night flights can also be cheap depending on your destination.

Less Delays

Perhaps we should have started by stating that the earlier you become airborne the less likely you are to get delays. Airport delays usually stem from weather mishaps, crowding, and delays of incoming and outgoing flights. The latter are caused by flights being booked close to each other as the number of passengers increases during the day. Morning flights are lucky not to be caught in this unending cycle because they are usually the first to leave from the airport for the day. Turbulence and storms are also reported to be higher in the afternoons and evenings and usually clear up as a new day starts.

Ample Reschedule Time

In the occurrence, if a delay, you are better off being at the airport early in the morning than in the afternoon or at night. If your flight was to be rescheduled, you will most likely be able to get the next flight due to priority. Travellers who get their flights delayed or cancelled in the afternoon usually have to wait until the next day or opt for flight rerouting, which can be expensive.


Just like many workplaces, the freshest hour fro the staff is the morning. Therefore, you are most likely going to find happier, more alert and friendly airport staff throughout your check-in process in the morning. It is paramount that the staff are always kind and polite throughout the day, but they are still humans. After dealing with several thousands of people and problems as hours go by, the staff are bound to get weary. Therefore getting an early flight in our opinion will be an easy task thanks to freshness.