5 Must Try Kenyan Street Foods

It might just be a perception, but street food is often tastier and more flavourful compared to restaurant prepared meals. This might be due to the personal touch the food gets from the vendor or simply because of the hunger it often gets us in. However, always be careful about trying new street food to avoid eating something that does not sit well with you. Below is a list of must-try street foods in Kenya.

Mayai Chemsha

Boiled eggs might easily be the most popular street foods in Kenya. Many vendors transport them in buckets and serve you wherever you are. The best way to enjoy this delicacy is for asking for ‘kachumbari’, which is basically the Kenyan version of salsa. The best thing about street boiled eggs is that they have shells thus have minimal chances of contamination.

Smokie Pasua

Smokies come in close to boiled eggs in the rank of street food popularity. Smokies are variations of sausages but are prepared either by deep-frying,  boiling or grilling. Smokies are also often served with salsa and some chilli sauce for the best experience.

Mahindi Choma

Roasted maize has been in the street food scene from time immemorial! It is a delicacy enjoyed both in rural and urban areas. Some people enjoy it plain, while some add some lemon juice and powdered chilli on it to enhance the flavour. Roasted maize is best eaten fresh from the grill because it gets hard when it gets cool.


Mutura, or African sausage, is a sausage-like dish made from cow intestines. The snack is often made in butcheries where the raw material is easily available to avoid contamination. Mutura is also served with pepper and is cut in pieces of 10ksh each.


Peanuts are also beloved street snacks, especially among the male population. There is no proven reason why. You can get street peanuts and groundnuts almost anywhere you go to. From the main matatu terminals to the street outside the bank. This might not be the case for Nairobi as hawking is kept at a minimal in the capital city. However, when you venture outside to other towns like Nakuru, you will have more than enough options for getting njugu.