5 Magical Experiences In Shela,Lamu

Shela is a village located on the southeastern corner of Lamu Island and just 2.5 km from Lamu Town. You can easily connect between the two places via boat rides.

Shela has grown from a fishing village to a favourite spot for vacation homes. Here are 5 magical experiences to experience in Shela.

1.Harvesting Fresh Natural Rock Oysters

While in Shela, make it a point to go for the harvesting of fresh natural oysters at Manda Toto Island.

2. Snorkelling With Dolphins

Go for snorkelling and swimming with dolphins at Kiniyka Rock. You pay for the snorkelling gear and the rest is pure bliss while swimming with the dolphins.

3. Sunset Sail Into Lamu Bay

Go for a sunset sail into Lamu Bay on a traditional Lamu dhow and watch the sun sink on the horizon before your eyes.

4. Visit The Sand Dunes on Shela Beach

Along Shela beach’s beautiful 12km white sandy stretch are huge sand dunes. They are the major water catchments in the area and provide Shela and its surrounding with fresh water. This is one place you must visit too and experience.

5. Explore The Ancient Ruins Of Takwa

Takwa ruins are the remains of a thriving 15th and 16th-century Swahili trading town before it was abandoned in the seventeenth century. Takwa’s eventual abandonment in the 17th century was due to salination of the once freshwater and endless fighting between the Takwa and Pate people. Visit this place and explore the abandoned civilization.