5 Great Pizza Joints To Try In Nakuru

Pizza is a universally loved invention that can work as a snack or a whole meal. It is actually a great dish to have since it carries all three of the major food groups. With so many varieties and flavours, pizzas have gained a lot of popularity even with the vegetarian community. It is therefore always great to find out places that offer great pizzas and at great prices. Here are some few joint to check out when in Nakuru.

Bradegate Pizza

Located on Naivas Mall along Nakuru-Nairobi highway and the Imani Mall along Nakuru-Eldoret highway, Brade Gate is known for its great pizza and chicken dishes. They make both meat and vegetable based pizzas with a two for one offer on Thursdays. The best thing about this place is that their pizzas are made on order, therefore, guaranteeing you of freshness.

Lennz Pizza

Lennz Pizza is a fairly new joint compared to Brade Gate, but it has surely grown fast and steady. On any given day, you will find the place packed with eager customers. Their pizzas are not only soft and creamy, but they are also very tasty and worth every coin you spend. Their prices are also quite affordable with the smallest pizza going for KSh 250 only.

Chicken Bistro

This is yet another very new joint but with a cult following already. Chicken Bistro specializes on chicken as its name suggests but their pizzas have also caught customers’ attention. With a two for one offer on Saturdays, you will find a queue of people waiting to get their share of these tasty snacks. Perhaps the greatest attributes of the chicken bistro is its ideal location, large space and great ambience.

Club 64

The club is known best for its night activities but few people know that during the day, the lounge shifts into a restaurant. The joint gives you a sky view of Nakuru city, privacy and great drinks to couple with their finger-licking pizza. Club 64 restaurant is open every day and their pizza will always have you coming back for more.


Tipsy restaurant is almost as old as the town itself. Opened in the early 1900s the family-run restaurant is hidden in what used to be a major street then. Few people know that Tipsy restaurant offers such good pizza. The owner makes his pizza in a unique way using original Italian cheese and making the pizza as a pie with extra toppings. The pizza is always plate-sized but trust us, it is always enough!