5 Essentials to Have during a Game Drive

Game drives are basically car rides that allow you to explore a wildlife park or reserve in the hope of getting closer to the animals and seeing them in their natural habitats. Some game drives are privately facilitated, where you choose to drive yourself around the park. They can also be a group tour where you get to enjoy a guided drive with other tourists. In Kenya, some of the common animal sightings you are bound to make no matter where you are include zebras, baboons, gazelles, antelopes, and buffalo. The rare sightings include leopards, rhinos and elephants, which are only present in specific parks. To enjoy and have a smooth game drive, here are some things to have with you.

Water and snacks

Game drives can be long depending on the time you choose to take them. During this time, you might need some energy boosts to keep you active and alert. Drink water to avoid dehydration from the usually hot sun. eat your snacks in intervals in order to maximize on them. Make sure not to litter the car or park. Most of all, make sure not to feed the animals because human food is not the best for them.

Sun glasses and hat

The African sun can get hot and vindictive sometimes and when you are in a roofless 4×4 a cap will do you a lot of good. The best caps or hats to wear are those that have extensions that cover your forehead and face. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from any sun-damage. You will be staring into the open wild a lot when you are trying to spot an animal hiding in the bushes.


Sometimes the animals are on top of high cliffs or in far off areas that the car cannot get to. Having a pair of binoculars will make your experience more thrilling as you will get to see more animals and birds as opposed to when you rely only on your sight.


You will definitely want to capture all the beautiful wildlife with your camera when going for a game drive. This allows you to keep the memories as you go on. Make sure you do not use the flash feature as it usually agitates the animals. You can also silence the shutter sound to avoid startling them. To keep your camera safe, you can wear it around your neck. This reduces the chances of falling or getting lost.


If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you might want to take notes of the information you get from your guides or from your own observations. Taking notes will reduce the chances of forgetting information. They will also help you when doing more research on the animals you saw after your game drive experience.

What else do you think is important to have for a successful game drive?