5 Essential Apps For Travellers

Getting lost in a foreign country is one of the major fears that 70% of travellers have. However, technology has made life simpler for anyone hoping to venture into the world of tours and travel. We understand that some people prefer staying off the grid during their trips in order to do away with all the distractions that our phone screens bring. We have however compiled a list of basic categories and apps to help you get around them, with the hope of making your travel experience enjoyable.


Booking flights is almost like a game of chess, especially for a traveller on a budget. You have to be constantly on the watch to get the best airlines and discounts. Skyscanner does exactly that. It gives you the best flight price offers depending on the date you want to schedule your trip. It also allows you to make the payments easily and effectively without worrying about getting scammed.


Every person has their accommodation preferences when travelling. That is why we have included the options of a rented home, hotel room and being hosted by willing parties. The latter option is free and preferred by backpackers, solo travellers and people on a tight budget. Airbnb gives you a list of homes being rented out to travellers, and all you have to do is choose one that meets your needs. HotelTonight, on the other hand, gives you a list of hotels near a city, site or specific place you want, with their prices and availability included.

Google Maps

Although there are many other direction guide applications available, Google Maps remains the easiest to use. Most android phones come with the app already installed, you just have to activate it. Google Maps is necessary especially for travellers who like exploring new places. You can go on your adventure without the fear of getting lost or missing out on anything. And you get to use the route with least traffic!


By now, almost all countries in the world have Uber. Having the application on your phone or tablet makes it easy to get a taxi no matter the time or place you are in. The best thing about Uber is that the driver cannot rig the tab and you get to see the due price at the end of every trip.

Trail Wallet

Do not get carried away with your spending just because you are on vacation. Keep track of your expenses using Trail Wallet. Input the amount you are willing to spend and every purchase you make thereafter. The application will let you know when you are about to exceed your limit so that you can stop and save some money.