5 Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit In Kenya

Nature has a way of flaunting its beauty through certain phenomena such as sunsets, ocean waves, majestic mountains and yes, waterfalls. Waterfalls occur when a river meets a sudden land break. Kenya has several waterfalls which will leave you breathless and full of memory. Below are 5 outstanding waterfalls that you should visit when in Kenya.

Thomson Falls

Thomson falls were discovered in the 1800s by a European Naturalist named Thomson. They are located in Nyahururu, a town 60 kilometres from Nakuru. The falls are 74 metres in height and are part of the Ewaso Nyiro River. A visit to this falls offers numerous activities such as horse riding, curio shopping, and a nature trail to the base of the falls.

Fourteen Falls

In Thika town, the great Fourteen Falls rest in all their glory. They are named as such since 14 different falls can be counted at the peak. They are found in the Athi River Basin and are the largest waterfall in Kenya in terms of width. The falls are however only 27 meters in height. Here you can enjoy boat rides, rock walks and fishing at the base of the waterfalls.

Chania Falls

Chania Falls are located in Thika as well and fall around 20 meters into the Aberdare forest. Chania Falls offers an outstanding background for the Blue post hotel from which one can take a walk to the basement of the falls but for a price.

Karuru and Gura Falls

With an outstanding 272, and 300 meters height respectively, the Karuru and Gura Falls are the highest falls in Kenya. They are located in Nyeri town and fall into the thick Aberdare Forest. These two falls are similar in their physical appearance in that both have three breaking points before finally reaching the base. The Karuru Falls are found in the mountain peak while Gura falls are in the valley basin of the forest.

Karuru and Gura Falls

Makalia Falls

Found in the Southern Part of Lake Nakuru National Park, the Makalia Falls is one of the fine sites of this park. It drops to a height of 10 meters only with its volume changing depending on the amount of rainfall. At Makalia you can dive into the plunge pool, have a picnic, have an overnight camp or simply enjoy a serene nature walk.