5 Annual Kenyan Festivals That are a Must Attend

Sometimes travelling is not about going to a specific destination. Sometimes you just want to experience the new culture in all its glory. Kenyan Festivals will give you an opportunity to do just that. There are more than 20 Kenyan festivals in the year and here are 5 examples of what lies in store for you.

Maralal Camel Derby

Are you a fan of animals, and camels in particular? Then you would absolutely enjoy the Maralal Camel Derby. The festival happens every mid year in Maralal town. The racers are both local and international and you do not have to be an expert to participate. Not only is this event fun and exciting, but it is also a chance to enjoy the Maasai Culture that is predominant in this part of Kenya.

Lake Turkana Festival

The Lake Turkana Festival is a locally established event that occurs on the shores of Lake Turkana every June. If that is not enough to have you on the next bus or plane to Turkana, then maybe the fact that 14 communities will be showcasing their cultural and traditional practises will. Imagine just sitting and seeing the Turkana, Borana, Elmolo, Gabra and 10 others sing, dance and create art first hand! Isn’t that a great honour?

Lamu Festival

Lamu Festival seems to be the longest standing Kenyan festival since its inception in 2001. Set in Lamu, the 3-day festival gives locals and foreigners a peek into Swahili life. So many activities happen within these three days including painting, dhow sailing races, donkey races and bao game competitions. The festival happens every November.

Rusinga Festival

The Rusinga Festival is a 2-day showcase of The Suban culture and traditions. The Suba are a small ethnic group in Kenya whose existence has been threatened due to intermarriage and migration. Therefore every last Thursday and Friday before Christmas, the people of Suba take the streets of Rusinga and celebrate their ways of life. Attending this festival will allow you to visit one of the most beautiful Islands in the country.

Story Moja Festival

Last on our shortlist is the Story Moja Festival held in Nairobi. This is a more urban and metropolitan event as it hosts people from all cultures and locations in Kenya. You just have to be a book lover, author, poet or an aspiring literary act. The 5-day event allows you to enjoy the amazing yet not well-known works of Kenyan writers. What better way to learn about Kenya if not through the griots?

Some other annual Kenyan Festivals include the Rhino Charge, Shela Hat Contest, Kenya Kite Festival, among others.