5 Amazing Places To Visit When In Meru County

Meru Town is approximately 109 kilometres from Kenya’s Capital Kenya. Meru is known for its plush green highlands and vast businesses thanks to its strategic positioning between Garissa and Nairobi. As is the story of most towns, Meru houses a few spectacular sites that are definitely worth your visit when you are in the vicinity. Below are five places we picked out for you:

Meru National Park

The Meru National Park is vibrant with various activities both natural and man-made From 13 bisecting rivers, numerous streams, diverse wildlife and human population, the national park is a site to behold. Here you get the chance to see elephants, lions, leopards, cheetah, hippos and so much more including over 300 bird species. The Meru National Park has both hotels and camps which you can stay in as you take a day or three to explore the beautiful place.


Gaketha Elephant Maternity

The Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in  Nairobi is the most popular site for Elephant rescue. What people do not know is that the Gaketha Maternity in Meru is a haven of Elephant birth twice a year. Elephants travel tens of miles to come to this same spot every July and December to bring forth a new generation and very few things can beat such majesty.

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Meru Tamaduni Center

Set in the early 1900s, the Meru Tamaduni Center is similar to the Bomas of Kenya but specifically tailored for the Ameru culture. The traditional huts where you will spend most of your day in will give you a pretty good taste of what it must have been like to be an Ameru before the disintegration of culture after colonialism. Make sure you get a good listen to the bouts of tales and advice the elders give because they might come in handy at some point in time.

Mutunguruni Tree

This tree has lived many decades in Tharaka Nithi forest and has myths and beliefs to thank for its longevity. Being close to 100ft high, the tree has been preserved by the locals who believe it to be holy and sacred. Visiting the tree will give you an insight into some of Kenya’s indigenous trees and vegetation. You will also get to enjoy a nice cultural walk with the locals around the surrounding village.

King Muuru Tree

Mutunguruni is not the only holy tree in Meru. The great Muuru tree in Imenti Forest is also a remarkable sight given its circumference. Being an Oak tree, it is no surprise that it is bigger than other trees. However, the trunk alone requires almost thirty adults with outstretched arms to hold hands around the tree to make a complete circle. The Oak tree is traditionally a holy tree among the central Bantu people. But the King Muuru is bigger than most and is thus treated as royalty.