5 Advantages of Travelling Alone Every So Often

We understand that some of the fun in travelling comes from being around a group of friends or family. However, travelling solo has increased in popularity recently thanks to the few benefits it carries with it. You should not take all trips solo, but make sure you plan a trip abroad on your own at least once in your travelling life. Here are some benefits of taking the globetrotting wagon alone.

You are the Boss of You

Planned group trips often have very little flexibility. The itinerary is strict and definite and you onl get to see places and things that are set in the schedule. Travelling solo, however, is much more relaxed because you can make and break plans in your favour. You do not have to answer to anyone or workaround anyone’s preferences. You thus get to travel at your own pace and in your own terms.

Keep your budget

Travelling in groups usually leaves individuals broke because of peer pressure. Say you go into a mall with your friends and everyone is getting expensive clothes or shoes, or even food, it is almost certain that you will be tempted to do the same thing even if your budget is suffering. However, when you are alone, you know your financial limits and you will stick to them so that you cannot end up stranded in a new place.

Test of Personal Limits

Travelling alone really pushes an individual’s limits. You find yourself doing things that you wouldn’t normally do when you are in a group or crowd. Your instincts get sharper and you learn to become less dependent on people. Some solo travellers end up gaining skills like quick thinking, minimalism and financial management.

Higher Chances for Opportunities

When you are travelling alone, you have more time and reason to meet locals, fellow travellers and expats alike. From these encounters, you are more likely to form long-lasting bonds, friendships and other opportunities as job or school offers. You might meet someone who has the links you have been looking for, which would likely not happen if you were travelling in a group.

More Time to Enjoy The Moment

Due to lack of itineraries and deadlines, you have more time to sip in every moment. You can choose to stay in the sunrise for a whole hour, staring into nothingness, stay in the pool all afternoon or party all night.