4 Religious Retreats to Visit in Nakuru County

Every once in a while, we seek to get away from the daily routine of life and rest our bodies and minds. Sometimes, however, the rest we seek is spiritual. To simply be in a place that allows us to focus on nothing other than our souls. Environments that give us the chance to sit still, meditate and be in touch with our inner selves. You may want to visit these places a single day or for a longer stay. Whatever your preference, here are 5 religious retreats in Nakuru County you can visit to rejuvenate your soul.

Subukia Shrine

The Subukia Shrine is a Catholic-run facility that hosts hundreds of visitors every year. Although Catholic, the facility is open to individuals of all faiths who seek to confess their sins, pray and be in touch with God. Established in 1984, the shrine is believed to be the home of the Holy Mother Mary. A spring found in this facility is believed to contain holy water and most visitors carry the water in containers to bring back home. Most visitors claim the water has healing powers. Subukia is located along the Nakuru-Nyeri highway just a few kilometres from Nakuru CBD.

Mizpah Prayer Centre

Mizpah Prayer Centre, also located along the Nakuru-Nyeri highway is found in Bahati estate. It is a Christian centre that welcomes people of all denominations to come and pray. It is set on a hill with large open grounds that people use to be at one with their maker. The centre also offers accommodation facilities but the visitor has to carry their own beddings.

Heaven’s Gate Prayer Centre

Along Nakuru-Nairobi highway, just before the Gilgil weighing bridge lies the Heaven’s Gate Prayer Centre. It is also a Christian facility that welcomes all individuals who feel can benefit from what the place has to offer. People travel long and wide to come to this point strategically positioned along this busy highway but also quite hidden from the busyness of life. The facility offers accommodation for its visitors at a small fee. The fee, however, fluctuates depending on the luxury of the room.

ACK Jehova Shammah Prayer Centre

Located at Pipeline Estate just a few meters away from the Kenya Pipeline Company Nakuru is the Anglican run prayer centre. Christians from all denominations are welcome to visit this centre and carry out individual or group prayers. However, not only is it a prayer retreat centre, but its grounds are also used for religious ceremonies such as church weddings and funeral services. The retreat is very strategically positioned one can easily get there by public means without having to walk an extra stretch as with the other prayer centres.