4 Mistakes to Avoid when on an Airplane

Airplanes, like buses and trains, are modes of public transportation. This means, that even though you have paid for your spot on the plane, you are still sharing the space with tens of other people. It is therefore only courteous to be mindful of your comfort and theirs too. To avoid putting yourself and other passengers in the way of inconvenience, here are some things to avoid.

Sleeping during take-off and landing

One of the most common feelings that frequent flyers agree on is the uncomfortable feeling they get during take-off and landing. You have most likely experienced the feeling of blocked or ringing ears after or during a flight. That feeling occurs as a result of difference in air pressure as the airplane changes altitudes. When you fall asleep during these two crucial times, you might end up waking with a bad headache or nosebleed. To avoid this, simply stay awake during take off and landing and take full advantage of the rest of the flight to sleep.

Exposing passengers to pungent smells

Whether you are reapplying your deodorant, retouching your manicure with nail polish or taking off your shoes, strong smells can be uncomfortable for other passengers. Some people may have allergies and other respiratory problems thus finding it hard to breathe in the strong smells. You can totally avoid these activities until you are off the plane. However, if you must, then consider using the bathroom stall where no one else will be affected.

Using food tables as baby changing stations

You should note that the food tables do not get clean during or in between flights. Therefore using the food tables as baby changing stations is unsanitary for you and other people. The passenger who may get this seat in the next flight might end up picking germs that you might have deposited when changing your baby. If your child needs any diaper care, most airport bathroom stalls have changing stations. If not, you can always use the toilet seat cover as a table. Just make sure you use a blanket or scarf as a layer for the child.

Standing in the isle during meal times

Even if you are not going to eat, that does not mean you shouldn’t let others do so in peace. The airplane crew use these isles to serve the passengers with their foods. You standing there may make it impossible for them to effectively do their job. Since distributing food takes less than 30 minutes, just sit calmly in your chair and wait for them to finish then you can always get up and stretch your legs.