4 Mistakes To Avoid When Camping

Camping is a favourite activity for most because it drastically cuts the expenses that come with travelling. You get to see the world and bring your own bed and food. So you just have to worry about transportation costs. Camping can be a great way to spend a weekend with friends, or it can be a longer commitment for those who enjoy nature and adventure. However, some mistakes can make your camping experience unsuccessful and frustrating. To have an enjoyable camping time, here are some mistakes to steer clear from.

Depression locations

A point of depression can seem like a cosy place to set camp because most of the time, the point has clearer views and spacious areas. While all these are very desirable for a night in the woods, depression areas have one huge disadvantage. They are water collection areas. Therefore, in the occurrence of rains at night, even if shortly, you camping grounds will end up swamped, if not completely flooded. Always look for high or level ground for setting up your camps.

Unlocked food

Most times than not, camping happens in the woods and general wild, where wild animals are present. Leaving food, cooked or raw outside when you go to sleep might be the beginning of a very long and frightening night. A significant number of animals come out to feed at night. And your open foods are an easier option as opposed to wandering for hours trying to hunt or find good grass to munch on. Wild animals coming to your camp to eat your food has a few dangers attached to it. One of them being that these wild animals may end up attacking you or destroying your campsite. They may also get poisoned or choked by ingesting things that are not good for them. To avoid this, always pack all your foods in containers and bags and place them in unreachable places such as inside a locked car. Do this especially for foods with sugary and strong smells.


What is a camp without a campfire? The fire is not only a great idea to keep warm during the night, it also helps with cooking and creating a fun atmosphere. However, you should always remember to completely put out the fire before sleeping to avoid any accidents. In an instant, the wind could blow a spark to a dry leaf and from there start a huge blaze. Never leave a campfire to die out on its own, especially if unattended. Use sand or water to extinguish the fire and make sure all sparks are out.

Not carrying warm clothes

No matter how hot the days are, the night temperatures can be very low because you are sleeping outside. Unless your tents have heaters and air conditioning, the night is bound to be very chilly. That is why you are advised to always wear layers when camping. That way, you can always regulate your temperatures by adding or removing the layers.