4 Eateries and Co-Working Spaces in Nakuru

As much as we love travelling to relax and have fun, we are sometimes forced to get our computers, find a quiet place and pick up from where we left from at home. Pure co-working spaces are not that common in Nakuru, but there are great alternatives- eateries. The best part is that you can always enjoy a tasty bite as you work on your task. The only disadvantage is that you will have to buy something from the shop. You can, however, stay in as long as you want after buying, and you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi. Here are 4 great spots in Nakuru where you can enjoy peace, quiet, food and fast internet.

Sisima Coffee and Lounge

Located in the Chase Bank Building on Kenyatta Avenue, Sisima Lounge is a well-hidden yet popular gem. Once you get to the first floor, you cannot tell that you are in the middle of the busy town. The environment is small and serene with adequate but not too much sunlight peering through the sky roof. You can choose to sit at a dining table or a more casual and relaxed lounge area. The staff are a delight, willing to help you with whatever needs, and the various snacks and beverages worth every bite!

Moca Loca Lounge

The Moca Loca Lounge has managed to keep a low profile despite the amazing potential it carries. The place is simply magical. Set on the Gilanis Supermarket building, on the first floor, the Moca Loca Lounge is the best place to spend your day away. Complete with a full restaurant and bar, the Moca Loca Lounge will meet all your taste buds’ desires. The nice soft jazz music always playing in the background is bound to make your stay all the more enjoyable.

Bustani Coffe Shop

The Bustani Coffee Shop is located along Kenyatta Avenue, just opposite Woolmatt Central. This small space almost resembles Harry Potter’s under-the-staircase room. However, it is peaceful, hidden from the noise of daily town activities and has some of the best coffee the city has to offer. Be sure to try their milkshakes if you happen to be around there on a hot sunny day.

Java House

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Java House. Arguably, the leading Coffee House chain in Kenya, Java House continues to outdo itself. The two shops at Kenyatta Avenue, C.K Patel Building and West Side Mall are equally great. Most people, however, prefer the West Side branch thanks to the ample parking space the mall premises offer. This should not deter you from visiting the Kenyatta Avenue branch because the food is as delicious.  Both spots have free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and welcoming staff. Java house can, however, get very busy during lunch hours so you might want to carry your headphones to cancel out the noise.