10 Most Visited Islands In Kenya and Their Locations

Your heart is home when your feet are resting on a tract of land completely surrounded by water, eating fresh fish, sipping a glass full of fresh tropical fruits while enjoying the warm equatorial sun penetrating your skin. There is something sensual, about Islands that until you decide to treat yourself to a vacation in the middle of somewhere so tranquil, so serene, you might never have it fast hand. Kenya has been a very attractive site to both local and domestic tourists, possessed with the spirit of adventure. Forget Zanzibar in Tanzania, Kenyan Islands have been such a  major attraction over the years in East Africa, pulling a throng of foreigners into the country from January to December.  Let not 2019 go to bed if you have not visited these beautiful Islands that have spiced up and garnished our tourism Industry.

1. Rusinga Island

Located in one of Africa’s most remote and historic corners, Rusinga island rests on the Eastern side of Lake Victoria. The lawns stretch to the water’s edge and the grounds, with its exotic trees, are a haven for a myriad of bird species. Rusinga is renowned for hospitality, delicious homegrown home cooked food, an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity is an ideal base for your vacation.

2. Lamu Island

Its the epitome of Kenya’s unique coastal culture, a product of a long and rich history, a heritage per se. The island is linked by boat to Mokowe on the mainland and to Manda Island, where there is an airport. There is soo much to explore around Lamu Island. From the strolling along the narrow beaches, sailing in the traditional dhows, sunset gaze on Manda Island, visiting the ruined city of Takwa, to feasting on the Swahili delicacies. There is soo much.

3. Mombasa Island

Thanks to its legacy as the largest port in East Africa, Mombasa Island remain the core of Mombasa and a historic gateway to this region. Mombasa Island is connected to the mainland to the east via a causeway, to the north via the Nyali Bridge, and to the south by the Likoni Ferry. With natural deep-water harbours, the island is a home of modern ocean-going vessels including container ships, warships, reefers, tankers, and cruise ships it is also quite popular as a beach safari destination.

4. Funzi Island

Comprising of four mangrove-covered islands where it stands out as the main island with permanent inhabitants, better parts of your holiday could be spent here. Enjoy a number of spectacular sandbanks emerge from the ocean at low tides and brilliant opportunities for creek fishing in the glassy calm waters and bird watching.

5.  Chale Island

Better termed as Sacred Kaya by the natives, the magical fusion of nature stunning white sands beach fringed by coral reefs and a tidal will take your breath away.  Located at the northern end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale County in southeastern Kenya,  Chale Island has magnificent sea views, surrounded by an indigenous forest that oozes serenity.

6. Wasini Island

The Island lies in southeast Kenya off the coast of the Indian Ocean. You can explore Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park when visiting Wasini Island or go fishing.

7. Ol Kokwe Island

Being an Island on the extinct volcanic region with some hot springs. Ol Kokwe Island is the largest island overlooking Lake Baringo and both sides of the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley.  Key activities to indulge in include guided boat drives, bird walks, a visit to Giraffe Island.

8. Mfangano Island

Being a mountainous island on Lake Victoria, south of Kisumu and Homa Bay with big fig trees, the island is an ideal location for a holiday away from noise and struggles.

9. Ndere Island

Located in Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria, the island is a haven for different species of birds.  Covered mostly in grassland, the island provides beautiful scenic views of the surrounding.

10. Manda Island

While exploring your holiday and finding the best time and place to visit, Manda island should be among your top ten. It has beaches, boutique shops and ruins of Takwa which will catch your eye.

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