10 Crucial Travel Hacks For Holidays In Kenya

Holidays are usually fun but getting the right travel tips before going on that holiday will save you a lot of time and money alike. Travelling in Kenya shows you just how gorgeous and magnificent our lovely country is. From the beautiful lush meadows upcountry with breathtaking landscapes, white sandy beaches and islands which look more like small heaven surrounded by crystal clear water to exquisite scenes while looking down from hot air balloons atop the mighty Mara, it is impossible not to be impressed by the sheer grandeur, splendour and power of  Kenya’s prepossessing nature. Kenya has a lot to offer to both local and international tourists who want to sample out if Kenya is really what they see online or hear.

Personally, I have not been to many places in Kenya but the few I have been to as a domestic tourist have been worth every penny and the memories of those places have stuck with me forever, some as old as 10 years. That means that Kenya is a beautiful country which never ceases to impress.

Here is a list of crucial travel hacks you need to know before planning for that holiday in Kenya.

1. Plan For Your Travel

Planning for a trip can be an absolutely daunting task especially if you haven’t planned for one before. You don’t really know where to start and to finish and you can get overwhelmed quite easily. First, you need to decide where to go, know the costs and save well for it.

To avoid last minute rush or last-minute cancellations, make sure you are well prepared for the travel by planning earlier enough as I have stated above and even decide on the perfect travel agency to sort you out.

2. Travel Documents

If you are going to self-drive yourselves with your group, make sure your driver’s licence is renewed for use and if you are an international tourist, ensure that your travelling documents are up to date. If your passport is not renewed, you will need to renew it as early as possible.

3. Go For Holiday Packages

Many people struggle to choose between online holiday tour packages and planning the travel all by oneself.  The former saves you time, the hassle of arranging for it and freedom but the latter gives you the absolute freedom to plan the trip from scratch just as you wish it to be.

I have recommended holiday packages for many people who and they have never regretted. Holiday packages have the best deals for accommodation, travelling means and you don’t have to worry about a thing since its catered for in your amount.

4. Travel Off-Peak

Holidays are the perfect time to take your family and friends out and get to unwind a hectic time. But such peak seasons come with expensive price tags, overcrowded tours, and sold out flights and even hotels. The best remedy to this is travelling during the off-peak season or off-season travel if you may call it so. A perfect example here is like not going to Mombasa during December of Easter holidays because most hotels, flights and even buses are usually sold out and the tours are usually annoyingly overcrowded.

You can travel off-peak when the deals are better, less crowded travel and you are bound to have more adventure than during peak seasons.

5. Consider Road trips During Peak Season

Last December after seeing we can’t manage a trip to Mombasa, we opted for a road trip to Naivasha and we had the best time of our lives at a cheaper cost.

As I had stated above, peak season travels are costly but during the peak season, you can instead organize for a Road trip because it’s much cheaper and fun too. Just get a car with your crew, fuel it and drive it personally and have fun.

6. Book Earlier

Booking earlier has many advantages. You can get major discounts or offers if you book like 5 months to the actual day of travel and you can also get the option of paying in instalments. You also get more time to save up for the trip, have plenty of time to get organised and even have a lot of time to research whereby you can have more time planning on what to do during the holiday.

You can check on travel websites to know what is the best excursion that you should not miss during your trip and even awesome places nearby you can visit too.

7. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is insurance coverage for risks associated with travelling such as loss of luggage, delays, and death or injury while in a foreign country. Many Kenyans are ignorant about travel insurance but it is very important especially when travelling abroad. This is best for international tourists visiting Kenya or Kenyans travelling abroad. It is crucial because disaster usually strikes unannounced and it is better faced when you are prepared with travel insurance.

8. Have a Pack List and Pack Wisely

A packing list may look quite unnecessary until when you will leave for your trip without all the stuff you were supposed to carry and that will be disastrous as you will later come to discern. Don’t pack things that you won’t need during your trip for ‘just in case’. Pack only what you need. You can have a look at a sample packing list here.

9. Take Advantage Of Online Check-Ins

If you are travelling to your holiday destination by air, then make good use of online check-in to avoid snaking queues at the airport and save a lot of time. Those travelling by train especially by SGR need to be at the station very early to sort the ticketing procedure and avoid being left behind

10. Leave The House Earlier 

Whether going to work or travelling upcountry, many people especially within and around Nairobi tend to leave the house earlier so that they can beat the traffic, for example, the annoying Mombasa road or Thika road traffic. If you are to travel by train in the morning, then you have to be at the station by 7:00 AM or earlier to have time to present an SMS and/or email to print the ticket on the date of travel. That means that you should leave the house very early.