10 Best Rated Cab Companies In Kenya 2019

Cruising around Nairobi becomes a luxury when you can afford a cab in running your errands. You know how nasty it matatus can be, with the heavy rains, exorbitant fare, and matatu crackdown that can inconvenience you beyond reproach. I’ll tell you for a fact that using cabs as a means of transport is good when you have the cash. The good thing is that they are everywhere, available any time, and they can pick and drop you at your doorsteps. While you are still saving or securing a loan to buy a car, here are some of the best-rated cab companies, that can make your rides around Nairobi amazing.

1.Jimcab Service Limited

Jimcab has set the bar. Over the years it has become formidable in the taxi industry. Set out to offer quality cabs to suit specific customer needs, you are guaranteed great service, maximum client satisfaction with an unparalleled offer for the best value for money as a customer. Call 0722 711 001 to order a taxi.

2. Mondo Ride

Being a multinational online transportation network company based in Nairobi it has survived tough competition from the likes of Uber and Taxify. With Mondo ride mobile app which allows consumers with their smartphones to request for transport which is then routed to Mondo Ride driver, you can get started already. They are located in Landmark Plaza, Argwings Kodhek Rd, Nairobi or Call 0747 840990.

3. Uber

Dominating the taxi-cab industry, Uber has made a name for itself thanks to its impeccable services that are tailored to satisfy their customers’ needs. The company has penetrated well in the Kenyan Market, with the uber app being the most downloaded. With the Uber Chap Chap, Uber Select and Uber X, the options cut across all walks of life.

4. Jatco Tours and Taxi Company.

The company operate a 24-hour, meaning you can get a cab at your convenience. With well-connected communications and fleet ensures that they are able to meet their customers’ expectations, satisfying their needs. and  Their services include private contract, airport drop and pickup service, corporate accounts and guided tours. Location Westlands Arcade, Woodville Road  Call 0722648383/733 701494


5. Pewin Cabs Limited

This company has climbed the success ladder over years. With a well thought and well-designed app that has layers of functionality that are perfectly represented. Depending on the destinations, the charges differ. With the app, the experience is familiar and user-friendly. Your Pewin Cab driver is just a swipe away. Location Lusaka Road, Industrial Area At The Pewin Motors Building.  Call 0709 801000

6. Bolt, formerly Taxify

When the city under the sun gets a little too scorching, Bolt could save the day.  The ride-hailing app for ordering rides that are quick, safe and affordable is largely consumed by Kenyans. To order a taxi, just tap a button, order a car, and get a ride to your destination. Being the cheapest taxi company in Kenya giving Uber a run for their money, they launched a bodaboda option which charges a minimum fare of KES 50.

7. Delight Cabs Limited

From airport transfers, conference transfers, staff transport pick and drop transfers and group transfers to chauffeur-drive and self-drive car hire and leasing services, Delight Cabs are a perfect choice for your ride. Have a smooth experience through,  easy online booking facility, a dedicated team of professional staff and 24-hr customer service.

8. Universal Cabs Ltd

It offers services to both corporate and individual clients. Equipped with a computer dispatch system and GPS they are able to track the cabs in case of emergency. Universal Cab prides itself in being a reputable Nairobi Taxi cabs travel Companies. Location: Pride Towers, Woodvale Grove, Westlands.  Call Mobile +254 723837891.

9. Kenatco Limited

The State-owned cab company has been the longest serving in the industry. From personal transfer services, airport transfers, corporate transfers and group transfers Kenatco have got you covered. Call 0709 642 000.

10. Little Cab

It’s a partnership between Safaricom and Craft Silicon that gave birth to little Cab. Their Ride offers three options: Basic, Comfort and Ladybug. Customer reviews assert that with little Cab its safe & friendly, affordable and convenient.